5 Life-Changing Secrets

Nail Your Leadership Style

Express yourself as the leader you were born to be, and love who you become in the process.

It’s time to stand up boldly in the modern business world, as an authentic leader who inspires confidence and success, with the tools to create a life and career that truly excites you.

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Event Details

  • April 20, 2020
  • 5-6:30pm CET
  • Replay available

What You’ll Learn

  • The 5 keys to uncovering and empowering your unique leadership skills
  • How to leverage and embrace your superpowers to multiply your success
  • The tools you need to build a life and career that excites you
  • Common scenarios and pitfalls and how to address them
  • And more … in such a way that you feel authentic, in charge and empowered!

How the event is structured:

  • Live video format, with discussions and exercises, hosted in the Facebook Group <- (click link & join to participate)
  • We will uncover each of the 5 keys to transforming your leadership style
  • You will have my full support in the group beyond the webinar too
  • You’ll walk away clear and confident about your leadership style, and how to express it impactfully, successfully and comfortably!
  • And… there will be surprise gifts for participants who stay engaged!
Sweet deal, isn’t it?

I worked in corporate for 15+ years, with such companies as Amazon and Procter & Gamble as senior manager, mentor and coach, mastering what it takes to succeed in some of the world’s most demanding companies. But for every leader who rose with me, many struggled, and that’s why I’m reaching out to you.

I know the aspirations and challenges of the modern corporate leader, I speak your language, I’ve been one myself and work with several inspiring leaders day in and day out.

With this webinar, I want to give back because I’ve seen the lack of support leaders get. More than what another book on the shelf can give, I want to help you discover and empower your values and strengths, and gain the confidence to stand up boldly in the modern business world.

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