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7 Secrets to Business Storytelling

June 30, 2020

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Your Live Masterclass to Business Storytelling

There is chaos and ambiguity in the business world today, as you step into work everyday. How can you make sure that your work doesn’t go wasted or unnoticed, that your work and presence have a visible impact on and recall from your stakeholders including your bosses, teams, vendors and customers? That’s where strategic storytelling comes in.

Storytelling, whether it’s deployed during presentations, meetings, interviews, negotiations or 1:1s, when done right, cuts through the clutter, keeps things crisp and relevant, elevates your credibility and expertise, and sends the right signals – building trust and creating success for your personal brand.

  • Learn how to blend your data, insights, results and vision into stories, crisp and compelling, that inspires and wins audiences
  • Experience the power of live coaching and feedback
  • Learn, practise and improve. You’ll know what ‘doing it right’ looks and feels like.

Learn the secrets to compelling storytelling. Inspire your audience leveraging stories to breathe life into your vision, insights and data.

Your registration includes:

  • Access to Meera’s 7-part business storytelling framework
  • Live, virtual coaching sessions
  • Digital workbooks
  • Access to Meera’s expertise on your most pressing concerns and queries
  • Replay access – available to watch for 4 weeks!
  • BONUS! Meera’s signature checklist for you to take away, that’ll help you prepare for any major, future presentations, interviews, 1:1s or meetings
  • EXTRA BONUS! A chance to win a 1-month coaching package with Meera, focused on your personalized, leadership storytelling style!

Use the masterclass and learn to craft powerful messages and deliver them with impact!

1. Register for the Masterclass
2. Learn & Practise
3. Implement & Improve

What makes this masterclass so special?

  • Learn the 7 steps experts use in storytelling
  • Know the right steps to take so that excelling in business storytelling becomes 2nd nature to you
  • Live coaching and instant feedback so that you learn, practise and improve within this session itself!

Walk away with a plan that you can instantly put to action!

Meera made sure that all participants felt at ease to share their experiences and we were able to create our own growth plans that align to our superpowers. The feeling of empowerment and confidence that originated in the workshop remains strong months after.

Joanna Mittnacht

Meera made me feel comfortable since the moment I entered the meeting. She managed to create a safe space for us to share our experiences, and she inspired the group by sharing her own path. I’m really grateful to Meera, as I left the workshop empowered, energized, and ready to overcome the challenges that will come into my way.

Alessandra Corona

Meera is great in setting the right atmosphere for all participants to be open and be self-reflective during the workshops. Meera’s workshops and her positive energy are exceptional and I can only recommend everyone to participate in her workshops.

Verena Heintz

Meera is a wonderful life coach who was able to really open up and ease us into opening up in the workshop, the best part being able to share personal stories as inspirations and lessons in a safe space despite it being online. I highly recommend her workshops.

Amirudapriya Balakumar

I was impressed how Meera created an atmosphere in which we all felt we can talk very openly from the first minute on. She asked the right questions to guide our discussions and infected us all with her positive attitude.

Bernadette Brown


1. Who is this Masterclass intended for?
If you work in a corporate environment as a leader, manager or individual contributor, you know how impactful and needed it is to present your data and insights in a structured and captivating manner. This workshop is for you!
2. Forget stories, I am anxious and my throat runs dry at the very thought of speaking in front of an audience. Can I find some help in that context?
Sure! Any masterclass on storytelling or presenting that doesn’t touch upon the basic emotions one feels close to a presentation or major meeting, is incomplete, in my opinion. I will address the fears and anxieties and give you strategies on how to address them.
3. What can I expect out of the session?
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4. Where do I find stories?
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5. Can I bring some real challenges that I am facing to the session?
Please put some placeholder text for now.
6. Tell me, what is your own experience, Meera, in storytelling?
Please put some placeholder text for now.
7. I’m on the fence about the price. Isn’t it too expensive?
Please put some placeholder text for now.
8. Can I live without storytelling and still be successful?
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Live Masterclass



Live Masterclass and 1-on-1 Personalized Coaching Session with Meera



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