7 Topics to Discuss With Your Coach or Mentor

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A decade ago, when I hired my first coach, I had no clue what to expect. Come to think of it, that was the reason I didn’t approach a coach/mentor before.

Looking back, I realized how many opportunities I’ve missed. If only I knew the themes I could discuss with a coach/mentor, I would’ve gotten the support I needed earlier.

It would’ve saved me a ton of time, wasted efforts, money, going around in circles in confusion, crisis, and self-doubt.

When people approach me for support, I understand that they have the same challenge until then, of not knowing what to expect from a coaching & mentoring relationship.

So, I thought I’d put together this quick info for you. I hope it brings a lot more clarity and helps you get the most out of your coaching/mentorship relationship!

Coaching & Mentoring

Here are the seven topics that you can discuss with a coach or mentor:

1. Clarity


    • I am not growing in my career. What can I do about it?
    • How can I be a better leader and a good spouse/parent?
    • What is my vision for life? What will make my life purposeful, meaningful?

2. Personal Power & Confidence

Personal Power & Confidence

    • Why do I hesitate to speak up? How can I address the constant sense of self-doubt?
    • How can I be more confident in meetings & interactions?
    • How can I make sure that I’m not standing in my own way through self-sabotaging thoughts?

3. Time & energy management

Time & energy management

    • How can I set my priorities to maximize success?
    • How can I win back “me-time” and “family time”
    • How can I ensure that I stay energized throughout the day and not tired and overwhelmed?

4. Personal Brand

Personal Brand

    • How do I define and communicate my personal brand?
    • How can I position/upsell myself for attractive roles?
    • What sort of mental/physical/skills conditioning do I need to do?

5. Influencing Stakeholders

Influencing Stakeholders

    • How do I influence people – across levels?
    • How can I intentionally create my network?
    • How do I leverage my network?

6. Communication


    • How do I communicate my value?
    • How can I effectively communicate so that people listen to me?
    • How can I speak effectively in critical meetings & negotiations?

7. Crisis Management

Crisis Management

    • How can I turn around crises and conflicts in situations, relationships?
    • How can I create a more harmonious work culture?
    • How do I make my team members work together? 
    • What can I do about my bad boss?

This is just a guide for what you can expect from your coaching/mentorship relationships.  When you’re ready schedule a conversation with me today and let’s discuss what kind of support would suit you the best.

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