The 3 Steps to Influencing without Authority

The 3 Steps to Influencing without Authority

How do you influence when you're not the boss/authority? These days, it is a common scenario: working with multiple teams across geographies and timezones, working with people and teams that don't directly report to you or share your sense of urgency on matters. So...

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What will you get

Let's have a no-strings-attached conversation where we talk about YOU! We go deep into what it is that you desire the most, and how to achieve all that and more (because a powerful conversation can really draw out desires that previously we did not dare to think or dream about). There will be no judgment and I promise complete confidentiality. Above all, I offer a safe place where you can let go of worries and just be yourself. Splash plentiful colors in that big bold canvas of your amazing, dream life!

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