Learn how to BECOME PROMOTABLE & thrive in your dream leadership job

So that you go from being stuck to having more money, impact, growth in just 12 months

Master confidence, communication and negotiation skills

Build your brand,
be recognised as a
leader and expert

BECOME PROMOTABLE and thrive in your
new role

"Meera helped me define my goals, get confidence that I'll get there, and whatever I wrote down as goals came true.  I liked how Meera helped me balance the personal and professional aspects." ~Sowmya

Recognition, promotion and salary hikes?
Yes, please!

You've been ready for a promotion for a while now. But despite operating at your highest capabilities, the recognition, the title and the income boost remain elusive.

 Watching others advance while you wait leaves you feeling frustrated. Your potential remains trapped, unrecognised.  

Surely there must be a way to take control and chart your own course upwards, right?  


You have the power to make promotion predictable instead of elusive.  

Like Ro and loads of my other clients, you too can find the surest, safest and fastest way to your promotion.  

With confidence.  

With a step-by-step plan. 

  • Imagine your executive presence that attracts exciting new leadership roles 
  • Picture yourself thriving in positions that allow you to fully leverage your talent 
  • Envision your income and influence rising, immune to macroeconomic fluctuations 

Stop waiting for validation from others. Take charge, and start unlocking your potential today!

Join others who discovered the proven path to becoming promotable with confidence and clarity.  

Your time is now. Your career is ready for that boost you know you deserve.


Hi there! My name is Meera Remani, Leadership Coach and founder of Leaders RISE — a proven framework and set of programs that have consistently leaders like you grow past your obstacles into the roles, income and impact you have already wanted.

Let me tell you a story…

Radhika worked as a manager in a reputed Pharmaceutical company. Good pay, interesting job, but she was frustrated. Why?

You see. She felt she had lost almost a decade building her family. But now seeing her MBA-school friend zip past her in terms of the kind of work they do, the recognition and rewards they got, and the positions they held, she felt miserable.  

It wasn’t just the FOMO, it was the pain of unfulfilled potential. Knowing that you are more, but not sure how to crack through to the next level.

It’s with that pain that she first approached me. Then came the twist in the story. The company decided to lay off people, including Radhika. Her boss asked her to start looking for jobs outside.

You can imagine how miserable... scratch that... broken she felt. Almost like at the end of a bottomless pit with her scattered dreams lying around her.

That’s when I as her coach decided to help her grab the opportunity by its horns, and show who is boss!

THAT was the moment that her life changed forever.

Because, Radhika could not just contemplate a different reality but actually got a framework to flip her situation on its head.

Due to the strong relationships we worked on building, she secured a conversation with two senior leaders who invited her to present her ideas to solve a key challenge for the organisation.

This was a rare opportunity. We worked on that (not just the flow of the presentation, but her confidence, how she will show up as the expert, how she will handle hard questions, etc.).

Result? She was offered a role two levels higher than what she had. This surprised her manager with whom she had a tough relationship. Anyway, long story short, she not just kept her job, but got promoted two levels despite strong headwinds.

Now that’s a dramatic story. Not a usual one.

But if we can turn that story around, we can turn any other story around too. 

That’s the moment we realise there is absolutely NO LIMIT to you getting that title.

There is nothing preventing you from reaching higher leadership levels and thriving there. 

But most importantly, we realised just how much money, freedom, impact one can make… without sacrificing life harmony.

  • Way more than your peers.  
  • Way more than average.  
  • WAY more than your wildest imagination!

I, as your Coach, am uniquely poised to do that because:

I have 20 years of corporate leadership experience - both as an insider working in companies such as Amazon and P&G, and as an Executive Coach for leaders at companies like Google, Amazon and GSK.

That helps me cut through the clutter, and help you with the shortest, surest and fastest ways to become promotable, and thriving in your leadership roles.

That’s the story of 100s of clients I have personally coached and 1000s I have coached in groups. Phew, that’s a large number, but I know what I am talking about.

Michaela Tada

Search Growth Lead, Google

As a result of coaching, I am confident about myself and my leadership qualities. I am much more forward thinking and strategic in my day to day at work. I feel like I am walking up a staircase and observing things more clearly than before, and not feeling afraid to act based on what I observe.

Trusted by


That was during the pre-pandemic days and before the economic downturns and layoffs.

I was SHOCKED to see that statistic in a report from Businesswire.

ONLY 9%?! Then what would the number be now?

Now, whatever the statistics tell us, we KNOW that there are fewer opportunities and increasing competition.

Whether you're already considering asking for a promotion or looking to be taken more seriously at work, you've probably found that getting recognition is... hard.

Not knowing if your career is headed in the right direction, and if you will make your goals come true can be one of the most demotivating and stressful parts of being a corporate employee.

In your gut, you likely know there MUST be a better way to... 

...grow in your career, be well-paid and well-respected AND...

...be confident in your skin as a leader AND...

...secure promotions and roles that are a DREAM!

Well... there is!

You have to embrace the Leaders RISE Mindset.

Most high-achievers struggle to gain the recognition, roles and rewards because they simply focus on working hard.

They get rewards but it only creates a trickle of income and is not in line with their true potential.
Others do a large volume of work and end up burning out in a bonfire of exhaustion and overwhelm trying to please their bosses!

Some may feel happy how much they are paid until they find out that this is waaaay below market levels or that their not-so-talented peers got double (or TRIPLE!) what they are paid.

The disappointments pile up keeping you staring at the ceiling at 3am and that nagging feeling of feeling stuck and underappreciated nibbles away at your confidence. 

The REAL shift happens when you step into the Leaders RISE mindset — my powerful framework that helps you be a powerhouse, a confident best-in-class leader... and not just a normal manager.  

How do you make this shift?   

You bust through some serious Career Blocks.


Career blocks standing in your way to a thriving career as a senior leader


Most leaders don’t have systems in place that empower them to plan their career moves strategically.

The result? Day in and day out in the same situation. “Stuck” vs. Successful! 😣 


A lack of a sturdy framework and experience leads to insecurity and a lack of confidence. Making it difficult to navigate complex negotiations.

Leaving your career at the mercy of unknown forces…TRUTH! 😬  


The leadership team that will finally decide who stays on because of the impact they make, who gets rewarded with promotions, hikes and plum projects… do they know you as the expert?  Do they know, like and trust your work? Or are you hiding under “my work will speak for itself”?  


A feeling of lack of confidence, a feeling of “not-being-enough” follows you like a shadow. That’s the vibe with which you show up to decision makers.

Now you wonder why you get tongue-tied in meetings? Not doing yourself a favour! 


There’s no one size fits all. You have to find a style of leading and presenting yourself that sets you apart. What works for one another wouldn’t work for you. You come across as a fake… STOP!


Leaving it to chance that your manager would hand over the promotion to you on a golden plate? Wish and pray that you escape alive from the meeting where your promotion is discussed?

Being unprepared is the surest way to stagnate your career. And let others zip by.  



You're tired of your potential going unnoticed and unrewarded.

But you don't have to just accept the status quo and stalled career growth. This is YOUR path, and you have the power to chart it.  

Imagine finally being recognised and valued for your best-in-class contributions. No more uncertainty about how to get ahead.  

See yourself paid 15-30% more as the expert the company relies on. It becomes THEIR need to retain and reward you!  

Envision advancing swiftly into leadership roles where you can confidently direct strategy.  

Become the leader who boldly pursues growth without burnout. The one who inspires teams to bring their A-game.  

Don't wait around for someone to validate your capabilities. Make it happen for yourself starting now.  

The time is now to step into your potential. You've got this! 

Promotion Catalyst

A step-by-step strategic system for
growth and recognition in your leadership career

For those who are ready to taste their true potential, and have the impact, influence and income as the best-in-class leader


Promotion Catalyst

A step-by-step strategic system for
growth and recognition in your leadership career

For those who are ready to taste their true potential, and have the impact, influence and income as the best-in-class leader


  • 5 mistakes high-performers make that keep them from achieving high levels of success 
  • The KEY to being recognised as the leader the organisation needs, and will richly reward  
  • Step-by-step framework to elevate your visibility in a way that feels authentic to you, even if you are shy 
  • How you can differentiate yourself from your peers and rise above the clutter
  • How to make a lasting impression on senior leadership who influence the trajectory of your career 
  • Mend relationships, build trust and a system of allies and sponsors 
  • Strategically approach promotion discussions, walking out with certainty 

What is the Promotion Catalyst? 

Promotion Catalyst is a comprehensive 12 month leadership-career development program that gives you in-depth training, resources, templates, and fortnightly live Q&A support.

You can be a more confident leader who not only earns respect and recognition but also negotiates fearlessly and shows up and delivers — a true leader.

In no time, you’ll go from wondering how to get to the next level to becoming promotable and thriving!

You’ll know how to best package your superpowers and position yourself the best way for promotions and recognition AND make it as easy as possible for your leaders to promote you as the leader who will take the company to greater heights!

Best part? 

You’ll have complete control over every single step of the process — right from the first negotiation through to landing the promotion and then thriving in the new role.


Promotion Catalyst is for leaders who

  • Are ICs, Managers and Senior Managers, desiring to be Directors & VPs 
  • Who want more income, impact and influence 
  • Need solid strategies to become promotable 
  • Need strategies to negotiate tough conversations: including asking for promotions 
  • Want to create trust and credibility as a leader 
  • Want to succeed in the new role they’ve been promoted to 
  • Want to build solid people management skills 
  • Want to build a strong personal brand and network 

Promotion Catalyst is not for you if you

  • Are comfortable with being where you are or with the status quo 
  • Are not ready to go to the next level in your career
  • Believe you know best, and don’t want strategies or step by step plans 
  • Are not ready to step outside of the current comfortable role even if you feel stuck 
  • Feel stuck, but feel that stuck is better than taking a chance
  • Don’t believe in investing in your professional growth - there’s a TV/vacation/dinners to pay for instead 



My proprietary 7-step leadership wheel gives you a step-by-step system so you don’t let even the tiniest detail fall through the cracks.

On the surface, you may look at this Wheel and go, “Hey, I already know this!” 

Odds are you probably do recognise the steps and that’s okay.

BECAUSE… it’s the hidden gold inside each step that gives you the confidence to be a trailblazing leader who can get the TOP JOB and be paid GOOD MONEY for their worth!

Vidya Murthy

Senior Director, Procter & Gamble

We have, together, worked on specific areas of leadership and I see myself becoming a stronger, more resilient and significantly more effective leader every day.



  • Develop personal power/deep confidence 
  • Think and communicating from an elevated leadership level 
  • The body language, tonality, choice of words, that set leaders apart 


  • Your Super Powers Workbook  📝 
  • Unlocking your Sage Power Workbook  📝 


  • Signature Value-Vision-Ask framework 
  • Bust 5 negotiation mistakes 
  • Tackle “What If..." Negotiation Scenarios so you know exactly how to counter with confidence 


  • Your Value-Vision-Ask Workbook  📝 


  • Building allies and advocates 
  • Your step by step weekly 15 min routine  
  • What/how to say to build relationships and trust 


  • Your Stakeholder Mapping Workbook  📝 


  • Your brand within and outside the company  
  • Define and establish your brand purpose 
  • Key strengths of your brand 
  • Who/what/how of expressing your brand 


  • Your Personal Branding Workbook  📝 

Leadership behaviours: pART 2 - thrive in your new role after promotion

  • Be a partner to senior stakeholders 
  • Managing your manager: make them your biggest fan! 
  • Managing your direct reports, peers and others 
  • Communicating as a leader 
  • Delivering strategic priorities 


  • Your Leadership Behaviours Workbook  📝 


  • Understand the 4 dimensions of Executive Presence (EP)
  • Assess your current EP score on these dimensions 
  • Know what to do to build a stellar EP  


  • Your Executive Presence Score and Pathway workbook  📝 


  • Understand the 3Ds of time management 
  • Uncover the blindspots with respect to time management 
  • Learn the best Time Management Frameworks  


  • Your Time Management and Prioritisation Workbook  📝 

public speaking

  • Leveraging public speaking objectives for your brand and persona 
  • Uncover opportunities for Public Speaking
  •  Prepare and deliver an enthralling experience!   


  • Your Public Speaking Workbook  📝 

social media presence and personal branding

  • Leverage social media for your career 
  • Showcase your personal brand 
  • Create a plan that works for you 

resume review

  • Learn how to highlight relevant knowledge and experience 
  • Polish your resume to be noticed over and above competition  
  • Bust the 3 top resume mistakes 


  • Your Resume Review Workbook  📝 

Amirudapriya Balakumar

Sales Enablement & Solutions Strategist, Accenture Operations

In many ways Meera has helped me tap into my zone of ‘potential’ – taking new risks and executing it flawlessly.



If you’re on the fence because …

Or if other trainings have left you sceptical… Then I want to give you EVERY opportunity to put The Promotion Catalyst into action and experience it for yourself.

I’m confident that if you implement what you learn inside of The Promotion Catalyst that the ROI will far outweigh the time, effort and money you’ve spent on this program. The only thing you have to do is suspend your disbelief and give yourself and the program a chance. You have nothing to lose and a lifetime of career success to gain.

And if that's not enough, these bonuses will change your mind! Not only has each bonus been created so you continue to move forward with confidence, but also each bonus will give you additional support to speed up your career success journey!

These invaluable and info-packed sessions with Meera will give you answers to questions on any topics related to being a leader to reckon with, and have the success, impact, and influence you desire… and MORE!


Khalid Aziz

Managing Director, Signify

Her coaching helped me drive the biggest transformation in the history of the company and create a positive vibe amongst stakeholders.


  • Step 1 — You get a welcome email with steps on how to access the Promotion Catalyst Program 
  • Step 2 — Attend the fortnightly Q&A calls via Zoom or watch the replays posted within 24 hours (if you’re not able to attend live)   
  • Step 3 — Pitch and land promotion that get you winning and growing over and over again!



Before you read any further, here’s what I need you to know…

Joining Promotion Catalyst does require a commitment from you because you can only get results if you put in the work.

This course will make you a trailblazing leader but it’s not a magic bullet.

You should plan on allocating at least 1-2 hours per week for the duration of the program. The 12 months of fortnightly LIVE Q&A CALLS are about 60 minutes, and 60 minutes for program content/action/implementation.

I will give you the resources and templates you need to make the process as simple as possible but I can’t do the work for you.

The question isn’t whether or not you’ll become promotable, get that salary hike and rise in your leadership authority. I know you will!

The questions you need to answer are…

  • How will you feel as a result of being a confident communicator and excellent leader?
  • How will you feel as a result of getting that promotion, getting that salary hike and growth in your leadership career?  
  • How will you INVEST the money you’ll be earning this time next year?   
  • What life and financial dreams will turn into REALITY thanks to your successful career?  
  • Which leaders will proudly call you their peers? 


Super-charged confidence so you that you are aware of your worth and can command better conditions for companies to retain you as their top talent - think position, projects, income, impact. 
Negotiation, communication and influencing strategies. Think of it, every interaction is a negotiation, whether it’s about your promotion or getting stuff done. This is an unparalleled skill that only the rare few possess. 
A clear understanding of how to approach your promotion discussions and follow up so you can turn unclarity into clarity and momentum, ending in the actual promotion.
Strategies to leverage your hard work into sustained, authentic visibility amongst top leadership so that they become your allies and sponsors
Complete knowledge of leadership behaviours, expectation setting, boundaries & prioritisation so you can stop burning out and start enjoying LIFE!!
Support and insight into your next steps so you can continue to grow as a leader with massive influence!   


Listen... the promise behind Promotion Catalyst is to give you the tools you need so you can stop leaving money on the table and your promotions and growth to chance.


But will this *really* work for you? Hear what these leaders have to say...


"Working with Meera, I clarified what's really important for me and what I need to let go of, to be successful at work and enjoy the beautiful relationships in my life. This is indeed a transformative journey that happened over a short period of time. I'm happy to have had Meera's guidance. I wholeheartedly recommend her as a coach to anyone who wants a positive transformation in their life!" 

Divya Janet Nath
Business Intelligence Engineer - DP World, UAE

"I have learned a lot over the past weeks while taking part in the PQ training that Meera offers. Meera constantly pushed us to continue working on ourselves and helped when we got stuck. Thank you, Meera, joining the program was just a start to improve my positive intelligence but thanks to the group and your lead I know how to continue!" 

Dorina Leititis
Regional Product Lead, APAC - Google, Singapore

"During my coaching with Meera, we worked on numerous areas including communication, emotional regulation and my career trajectory. I enjoyed her inclusive leadership style and she provided powerful new perspectives and useful tools." 

Giovanni Schiesari
Country Leader, Switzerland - Amazon

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Most corporate training is off-the-shelf, one-size-fits-all... in essential discounted to fit corporate budgets, ending up being useless and one-off exercises. The Promotion Catalyst program is highly curated content, based on the experiences of leaders who have gone on to leave a mark. Learn from the best, in an environment that’s personalised to you.

The Promotion Catalyst is for leaders with 15+ years of work experience. Why is that relevant? I have distilled the common challenges leaders face at this stage (or can potentially face) and have made it highly specific to them.

Yes, but books offer generic guidance. It is not tailor made for your particular scenario, that’s why oftentimes you end up not being able to apply it to your case or forget them easily. In this program, you get tailor made the content available through the modules, and then get to sharpen that even further by asking questions in the fortnightly live Q&A sessions.

 The mass-market content also evaporates quickly from our minds because in the rush of daily life we don’t end up applying them (also because we’re not sure how to), and also because there is no accountability. In this program, you have me as a coach and the support and encouragement from a community of like-minded leaders. 

Potentially yes. But do you know a mentor who has distilled thousands of hours of research and experience on the exact topics that matter to you, in a format that is easy to learn, with the support of a coach/mentor and a community?

Also, I see several people not being able to find the right mentors, and even if they find someone great not in a position to leverage the relationship fully for different reasons. For example, lack of time (meetings on top of each other, how can you make sure your mentoring session remains a priority?) or confidentiality (if your mentor belongs to the same company or industry, you may be worried about the confidentiality of the matters you share).

I understand. Haven’t we all been there? But let me ask you the following (with zero judgement, and in the spirit of supporting you in your goals)… Can you afford not to have time for this…your personal and professional development? Can you afford to waste another month or year, feeling frustrated and lost the way you do?

The investment in time that we’re talking about is a maximum of 2 hours (1 hour to work through the modules and do the workbooks plus 1 hour for the weeks we have our fortnightly Q&A call).

After the program ends, you still have access to all the resources, so you can pace it, and watch the videos at a time that suits your schedule.  The videos have been intentionally kept bite-sized so it suits busy schedules.

What is it worth for you – when you achieve the leadership credibility you desire, the work-life balance you wish for, and the recognitions (acknowledgements, promotions, salary raises) you dream of? Can anyone put a price tag on that?

You may end up spending multiple of this program’s fees on fancy vacations or the biggest TVs, but do you internally feel satisfied and successful inside? How much is your sense of satisfaction worth?    

You’re the best investment you can ever make... for your own sake and that of your loved ones. With this program and my support, you’ll learn skills for life. 

The calls will be recorded and uploaded into your membership area so that you can watch them at your convenience.

PLEASE NOTE: If you cannot attend the live Q&A calls, no additional calls will be offered. You can however, the audio recording will be available within 24 hours of the call.  


Whether you join me for the Promotion Catalyst or not, here’s what I want you to know:

You’re doing amazing work. Being a high-performer is hard. Showing up and giving your best to your team and organisation requires integrity and commitment.

Being paid for that hard work, integrity and commitment is a great next step.

And remember... there are more than enough opportunities for everybody.

Even though it may feel like the industry you’re in is saturated or there’s recession or the company is not offering enough promotions and growth opportunities… you’ll start to realise there is likely a NEED in the company that YOU can solve as the EXPERT.

And in letting your company know that, is doing yourself and your company a favour!

Companies, in fact, are hungry to work with leaders like you who are capable of taking them beyond the current struggle, and into fresh new heights.

Like I shared with you earlier, promotions, salary hikes and recognition CAN BE predictable if you know what to do and how to do it.

If you’re ready…  it will be my honour to show you the way and help you be a leadership success because you, my friend, are making magic already! 


Take the plunge to see what your life can look like at the other end of this program – to take real, tangible steps to transform your skills, your mindset and your reality.

Should you choose to accept my invitation, I personally guarantee that this program will be completely and utterly life-changing for you.

I look forward to meeting you personally inside the  Promotion Catalyst.


DISCLAIMER: Results shown on this page may vary. It takes real dedication to get results like this. We don’t believe in get rich quick schemes or overnight success. You acknowledge that we have not and do not make any representations as to the health physical, mental, emotional, spiritual or health benefits, future income, expenses, sales volume or potential profitability or loss of any kind that may be derived as a result of your participation in this Program, Product, Services or Program Materials. We cannot and do not guarantee that you will attain a particular result, positive or negative, financial or otherwise, through the use of our Programs, Products, Services and Program Materials and you accept and understand that results differ for each individual. We also expressly disclaim responsibility in any way for the choices, actions, results, use, misuse or non-use of the information provided or obtained through any of our Programs, Products, Services or Program Materials. You agree that your results are strictly your own and we are not liable or responsible in any way for your results.  

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