Get off that hamster-wheel & into a life you deliberately choose!

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That feeling…

The weekend has been great fun, spending time with family and friends indulging in many activities including some much-needed self-care. However, as Sunday draws to a close, you have that familiar but dreaded feeling creeping in. Monday morning blues have started tainting your Sunday evenings as well. You feel agitated and snap at people dear to you. You feel heavy in your heart, your gut, your throat. You feel terrible in your body, mind and soul!

The price you are paying for turning a blind eye…

You are always trying to keep up with the hamster wheel or the rat race where you need to keep running, be a step ahead of others, please someone at work so that you can climb the ladder or just cling on to that job. The stress has had you eating poorly, drinking a bit more often than you would prefer, paying little attention to yourself, not giving priority to people and activities that you know are truly important. You’re starting to feel like a failure altogether. You’re starting to doubt yourself.

You know that if the trend continues your health will continue to spiral down into disastrous consequences, along with all that you hold dear – loved ones, your career, financial stability and independence. It’s like that metaphorical palace that you have built with all the love in the world, is starting to crumble away at the edges.

However, you have a choice…

You could enjoy freedom and creativity instead of the dreaded stress each and every day, Mondays included! You can lay the foundation for the life of your dreams, made with all that you hold dear, cherish and dream about. You can keep intimidation at bay, by taking small and consistent steps that lead to amazing results. If you’re feeling inspired to make a change in your life and choose freedom and creativity, here are 3 steps that will help:

  1. Check if your ladder is leaning on the right wall

A lot of us toil away all our lives, fitting into the societal or parental definition of success or what we ought to do to be doing to be considered a success by others. However, if you have a sinking feeling every Sunday, it might well be that the ladder you are so dedicatedly climbing up is leaning on to the wrong wall altogether. What if instead of being an accountant, you have secretly cherished a dream of becoming a photographer? What if instead of being a line cook, you always dreamt of teaching kids how to paint? I am just offering some food for thought.

“If the ladder is not leaning against the right wall, every step we take just gets us to the wrong place faster.” ― Stephen R. Covey

2. Choose

If you realize that your ladder is indeed leaning on the wrong wall, first be proud of yourself for having shone light onto that truth and for acknowledging it. You now have a choice, to keep going up the ladder or, make a shift and consider another wall and ladder combination altogether. Either way, it is a choice. You don’t have to make a frightening leap right now. Just follow your curiosity and see what activity or choice makes you feel lighter and inspired.

3. Take baby steps

If, after days or months of thinking, you’re ready to give another wall that inspires you and your curiosity a shot, you can take bite-sized steps in the direction of exploring that opportunity. This could mean reaching out to folks in that area or enrolling for trainings that support skill building or hiring a mentor or coach who will help you explore further and make a plan that fits your pace and dreams.

In conclusion…

Life is short and beautiful. And, you are important. There’s no time to waste cow-towing to someone else’s judgment of how to live your life and what you should be doing with it. Paint the canvas of your life in bold, bright, colorful strokes, dear ones. There’s only one of you in this world with your unique gifts! Spark your inner brilliance for the world to see, thereby inspiring others to spark their brilliance too!

Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

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