who want to go from burnout to balanced,
living a life of success and fulfilment
What if in just 5 DAYS you can go from
Yes, it is possible! With the help of research-backed tools and habits that can transform your life for the better, forever.

Invest only 30 mins each day over the 5 day period, starting September 23. I will share live videos each day at 7pm CET (which you can also catch over replay), with insights and exercises.

In these 5 days, you will learn a simple and powerful system that I have developed from my decade and a half of experience, years of research and training; and that I know for a fact are impactful, because of the transformation my clients have achieved.

5 days of learning, experimenting and my guidance, that will help you go:
From stressed and burned-out to creating foundations for fulfilment, balance and calm
From confused to defining success in your own terms
From being frustrated to understanding what your unique personal values are, allowing you to make empowering decisions
From unclear to exploring what is your unique, deep potential. Clarity!
From overwhelmed to productive
Meet your coach
Hi, I’m Meera and I’m going to be your host and coach for this event!

With a decade and a half of experience under my belt in the corporate world as a coach and mentor, it is my passion to help corporate women enjoy the success they deserve without burning themselves out.

It is a passion because I know the cost of stress and burnout — extreme exhaustion, no time for self, declining quality of relationships, health, performance, and finances. It’s a slippery slope that I know all too well, at the end of which I myself ended up with two back-to-back surgeries and an ICU stay a few years ago. I am an ambitious, go-getter and people like me are more prone to sliding down this path all too often.

However, I learned from that experience and swore to find ways to improve my life. In this workshop, I distill some key elements that helped me turn my life around and that which I help my clients with.

Transformation is quick because once you know what’s happening, what you desire and how to close the gap, your transformation begins right then and there.

This Transformation Week Includes

Free Assessment

A holistic assessment at the beginning to help you take stock and take charge of your life.

Free Video Training

On each of the 5 days, there will be a new, short video with insights and easy implementation steps.

Free Community

A close-knit Facebook group, where people share their stories, support each other, and learn together.
I’ve kept the modules crisp and simple, with some great workbooks that anchor the learning.

Tell me, if over 5 days you can bring a higher quality of life, wouldn’t this 5-day workshop be worth it?

So come along and join me and spread the word.

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