Just like me, you may have seen highly memorable speeches from leaders like Steve Jobs or Brené Brown, and be amazed by how expertly they weave stories into the facts enthralling an audience, wishing that one day it’ll be you doing that. You – a terrific storyteller, who regardless of the audience or the platform  can deeply move an audience, influence them to a great call to action or learning or both. Your legacy living well beyond those minutes of hours of interaction. In such a way, that even if you’re not in the room, people talk about your impact, your influence and your charm. 

Communicating with clarity and influencing through storytelling are important parts of the leadership toolkit. Critical factors in your career advancement and impact. But how many people seriously invest time and effort into developing those skills? Anyone can present facts. But not everyone can deliver it with stories, deeply moving their audience into inspired action.

In this webinar, I’ll take you through the 7 essentials of storytelling including live practise and feedback sessions. Learn the skill and start using it right away!

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Event Details

  • April 14, 2020
  • 12-12:30pm CET
  • Replay available (sign-up required)

in this session, karin will share personal stories and tools that you can adopt to address: 

  • Leading through a crisis, especially in the context of virtual work
  • Building relations and teams
  • Leveraging – Empathy, Trust and Generosity
  • Hiring, Developing and Managing Performance during a crisis
  • Maintaining emotional resilience


How the event is structured:

  • This is a free event
  • It will be held online for 30 mins: the first half where I interview Karin, and the second half being open to your questions
  • Once you sign-up here, I’ll send you the login details via email
  • You can share any questions that you already have, by replying to that email
  • Incase you can’t join live, no problem, a replay will be available. You’ll need to sign-up still so that I can send you the replay details.
Do remember to spread the news about this event so that more people can benefit from this!
With 15 yrs of experience leading across geographies & crises, I coach leaders & teams to be more effective for greater results. Having honed my expertise working with such companies as Amazon and Procter & Gamble as senior manager, mentor and coach, I help you with the exact skills and strategies required to succeed in the world’s most demanding scenarios & companies.  

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