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Whether it is confidence and executive presence that you’re looking to strengthen, or improve your communication and influencing skills, or figure out the best path to making your promotion a reality, or gain clarity on the next steps in your career, I am here to support you.

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For many who book this session, it is an end to their confusion and long searches for support from an experienced mentor.

I would like to believe that for you too.  

I hope that like the other leaders before you, you will walk away from this conversation with me, with hope and clarity on how to make your career growth a reality, be recognised and given opportunities to create a difference in the world while growing generational wealth, joy and fulfilment.  


I am Meera Remani, your coach and mentor for this session (and hopefully many more). I have two decades of experience coaching and mentoring leaders across the world, helping them unleash their true potential (larger roles, promotions, pay hikes, career shifts... and also fulfilment, better relationships, and life quality). My methodologies blend neuroscience, positive psychology, coaching and mentoring principles with effective and laser-focused frameworks that support each unique client’s journey and goals.

What You Can Expect:

  • Develop a unique vision and goals that do justice to your potential 
  • Gain clarity on specifics to make your vision and goals come true   
  • Ask me any questions on career and leadership success, and personal development 

How It Works:

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  4. The Call: Your transformative, safe space where we will discuss your goals and dreams, and the best path to achieving them.

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