My zone of genius enables leaders to create the impact, influence and fulfillment that their desire.

Success with a harmonious life, that is my mantra!




Get crystal clear CLARITY.

What is your compelling vision? Do you know what you need to do in the next months/years to achieve the successful, wholesome life that you dream of? Let’s discuss your vision for yourself, your whole life, that is attuned to your highest potential (your North Star). We use coaching frameworks and 360° leadership assessment tools here.


of a true leader.

Leverage your biggest asset – YOU! – to lead with true confidence and personal power. We will also discuss blind spots and limiting patterns so that you break free from those to express your true genius and your deep potential confidently. That is the key to self and life mastery.


Private Coaching Page - With My Support You Will

Craft a spectacular

To be seen as best in class you need to get intentional about your personal brand and establish your signature voice. In the busyness of life, that’s one element that largely goes ignored, and often to one’s disadvantage. Understand what you need to pay attention to – to build your brand, and see your equity rise.

Become a master

Communicating effectively and powerfully is an essential leadership skill, especially as you move towards executive roles. Regardless of the forum or the nature of communication (meetings, negotiations, etc.) or the kind of stakeholders, let’s ensure that you shine, exuding expertise and credibility through your communication.

Create circles of influence with key STAKEHOLDERS.

It’s important at this stage of your career to identify key stakeholders and ensure that you nurture authentic relationships with them. You also need to ensure that your network and relationships are built on genuine, mutual win-win scenarios so that every stakeholder in the organization and outside respects the value that you bring, and sees you as the right fit for the next role that you desire.

Optimize TIME and ENERGY.


To get to the next level of success, you simply cannot remain a slave to your calendar. Simplify to amplify is the mantra! Banish your energy vampires and gain back control of priorities. Win back me-time and family-time as a bonus! Learn how to go from being frustrated in your career to thriving.

My coaching programmes below have helped leaders unravel all that and more.


It’s time for your transformation.


My calling and passion are to move you forward into the life you want to be living. We’re talking beyond to-do lists and bucket lists. We’re talking about you taking an epic leap (with my constant companionship and guidance) into the long-awaited next phase of your life journey.

These are some ways of working with me.

1:1 Private Coaching

Get exclusive time with me where we focus on you and your unique situation (that goes above & beyond the generalizations that online courses or reading books can possibly deliver). This package is exclusively created for you based on our initial conversation, ensured to fit to your unique needs. We talk every 2 weeks for an hour each. Also included are: tools & resources to aid you, short SOS calls, and emails in between. The package can last 3 to 12 months depending on the transformation you desire.

Group Coaching

Every quarter I create a safe, nurturing tribe of 5 women who are all on similar journeys of getting off the hamster wheel into a life of design. Over a period of 6 weeks, we embark on group coaching sessions and exercises that help the members of the tribe get clarity and confidence to slay their fears and barriers, and embark on building the best version of their lives. The tribe plays struggles and grows together and forms bonds for life.

VIP Intensive

Do you have a burning desire to break through your barriers and get cracking on your goals right away? Then this package is for you. Over an 8-hour day or two 4-hour days, we dive deep into your desires and blocks, slay the dragons that stand in the way of you achieving your dreams and a rock-solid action plan for you to follow to ring in your dream life. Following the intensive you’ll have follow-up sessions with me where we track progress, remove barriers and turbo charge your momentum.



This section addresses the common questions I am asked. Feel free to contact me if you have questions beyond these.

What exactly do you do?

I help corporate leaders raise the quality of their lives and leadership career success by creating strong stakeholder relationships, building powerful personal brands aligned with a compelling vision, developing deep self-confidence and self-knowledge, communicating effectively (even in scenarios including conflict and/or intercultural elements), becoming better at time management and prioritization (including delegating), managing stress and enhancing mindfulness.

What makes my coaching and mentoring approach unique is that I have real-world leadership experience myself. I speak your language. When I combine that with my experience as a coach and mentor leveraging the disciplines of coaching, psychology, and neuroscience, my clients get a rich experience and definite results.

What are the various ways I can work with you?
  1. I offer bespoke 1-to-1 programmes to individuals who want to advance their careers and embrace their true leadership potential. 1-to-1 programmes offer exclusive, focused attention on you.
  2. I also offer group coaching based on my signature framework – Leaders RISE Accelerator ™. Please find more details on the info page here.
  3. I also offer Corporate Training (groups and teams) on various topics including: stakeholder management, mental fitness/wellness and effective communication.
    Read more here.
How do I explore if coaching is for me?

If you’re interested in exploring coaching, I offer an initial free clarity call. In this call, we will get to know more about each other, your goals, and your needs. You can also explore my coaching programmes, understand my style of coaching, ask specific questions, etc. This is a non-obligatory call. You will have the opportunity to clarify if we’re the right fit and if you’re ready to start your personal development journey with me.

How do we decide what to talk about in our coaching sessions?

In the exploratory call that I mention in the point above, we will explore the different areas of your leadership career and personal life where you sense challenges and opportunities. Don’t worry, you don’t have to prepare for it. I will create a safe space and structure for you to share as much as you feel comfortable. I will guide your reflection process.

After the session, once you decide that you do want to be supported by me as a coach and mentor, we will use the conversation points to arrive at focus areas for our coaching program. This will be covered in our first official coaching session. I will be bringing my signature Leaders RISE AcceleratorTM blueprint to solidify the focus areas and success measures, to ensure we cover all the key areas for life and leadership success. Based on that we create a coaching program pathway that’s unique to you.

That’ll guide us as we proceed in our coaching journey. We will make modifications to the program pathway as required by your evolving leadership and life goals.

How would the coaching sessions be structured?

As for the topics, please refer to the point above, about my signature blueprint and program pathway that’ll be customized for you.

I offer coaching packages that last between 3/6/12 months. I find the most effective ones to be the 6 and 12 month packages, as we commit to a journey, providing enough time for your goals. 3 months packages are only encouraged when there is a particular problem or two, to sharply focus on. We will have coaching sessions once every 2 weeks. You will also have free access to my unique version of the Stanford created Positive Intelligence program created by NYT bestselling author and Stanford lecturer Shirzad Chamine, which is a 6-week program, as a bonus. You will also have access to me through emails and Whatsapp during the course of your program so that you have coaching and mentoring support as and when you need it.

How do I make sure I get my money’s worth? How do we measure success?

Coaching is an investment in yourself. Investing in yourself is the best investment you can ever do.

Each of my programs, including the 1:1s, is tailored to the specific audience – that means you, your specific goals, and your life circumstances. It is important for me that you get the results that you desire (success, life quality, etc.) and feel that it has been an excellent investment. So we will leverage the best of coaching and mentoring tools and resources, put in place measures for success from the beginning, and track them throughout the coaching program factoring in any of your feedback all along the way.

Does the fact that I’m reaching out for support mean that there is something wrong with me?
  • “Successful people ask for help” Camille Preston, Fortune 
  • “Everybody should have a Coach,” say, Eric Schmidt & Bill Gates

Some other famous people who have coaches – Ronaldo, Obama, Richard Branson, Leonardo DiCaprio, Agassi, Oprah Winfrey, Tony Robbins, Serena Williams.


They realized that they would get more out of themselves if they had the support, advice & accountability of a coach.

We are bad at noticing our blind spots, or acknowledging how we could be standing in our own ways.

Our friends & family may give us measured feedback so as not to displease us, or even if they’re direct at giving feedback, it may not be impartial.

Youtube videos, articles, or books give great strategies, but they’re generic, none of them are specific to you.

Just as people have employed personal trainers to help them get fit & lose weight, achieving goals can be accelerated by using a coach to apply similar success principles in life.

The bottom line is we improve when we get feedback.

If you reach out for support, that means you’re not broken, in fact, you’re taking ownership over your success and are being more open to life’s possibilities.

What are your qualifications?

I hold an MBA from India’s premier B-school, the Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow. I am also an Electronics Engineering graduate. Post my MBA I worked internationally – India, the USA, Poland, and Germany – for 16 years, in leadership positions (IT, Supply Chain, Business Strategy) at such companies as P&G and Amazon.

As a coach, I am trained with the world’s leading coach school (Co-Active Coaching) and certified by some of the leading Coaching organizations (The International Coaching Federation, The Leadership Circle). I hold several other training credentials and certifications which you can check out on my LinkedIn profile.

Suffice to say, I speak the language the leader of today speaks, through my own experience, through my training and certifications, and with the hundreds of clients I’ve supported over the past 6 years.

Do I have your risk-free guarantee?

By the time you decide to invest in coaching with me, we would have gone through a fairly robust and comprehensive process to establish that we are a great fit as coach and coachee. With that process, apart from you being crystal clear that I am the coach for you, I’ll also be clear that you’re the kind of person I want to coach (someone who is done waiting, is ready to become a strong leader, is ready to commit to better life quality, isn’t afraid of investing the time, money and effort for her/his goals to come true, in essence, real go-getters who are hungry for a change).

In the unlikely event (it’s never happened with my coachees) that you decide coaching isn’t for you, you just have to ensure that payment is made for the sessions you’ve available, and I’ll refund you the rest, no questions asked.

Though, I’m fairly certain you’ll feel the momentum and joy of progress reassuring and exhilarating to be even thinking of refunds.

Can you share some client success stories?

Sure thing! You’ll find plenty of them here.

I love what your clients have accomplished. I really want to talk to you. How do I do that?

Just book a call. Here’s the link. I’m eager to meet you!

Just book a call. Here’s the link. I’m eager to meet you!


Awakening YOU to your deepest potential

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