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“I wish I could overcome my knee-jerk reaction to hide away every time it is time for me to be more visible” “After one of those big meetings, someone reached out to me personally and said how I’m not nervous like before and I spoke -like a boss!”
“My throat dries up when I’m with seniors. I feel like a fraud, I feel like I landed this job by luck” “I’m finally owning my voice and potential. I’m able to think and speak more clearly with confidence. I am assertive even with seniors in my organisation”
“I want to build more confidence in my head and translate that to my work” “I feel liberated! My manager has noticed that I’m more confident in my abilities and more energetic. That has resulted in new opportunities!”

100% real people… 100% real transformations!

Does this sound like something you’d want to experience too? Then read on.

Because That Corner Office You Desire…? It’s waiting for YOU!

You may be knocking off KPIs, but sitting silently through meeting after meeting, feeling too meek to speak isn’t going to land you the promotion that you deeply crave…

You have to…

Master the art of confident communication in a way that commands respect. It’s possible even if you’re an introvert.

Unleash your leadership skills so that your higher-ups, colleagues and direct reports actually take notice SIMPLY by shifting into a more empowered version of yourself, fully owning your power.

If you struggle with low self-confidence and an aversion to being seen and heard, know this…it’s not your fault. These feelings are often a by-product of how you’ve been conditioned.


They are not a prediction of where you’re going.

Look, just because your peer “Anita” has the self-confidence and gift of the gab to proclaim her ideas, to take the floor when she has something to say, is empowered and in control…doesn’t mean you CAN’T too, You absolutely can…and MUST!

You are Unique and it’s time to speak up, be seen and communicate YOUR powerful ideas in only the way that YOU can.

Take a moment to think of who you truly want to show up as in your organisation.

See and FEEL yourself in that role.

Know what to say and how to say it.

Speak without fumbling over your words because you are CONFIDENT and no longer sabotage yourself.

Feel the admiration of others when you are able to express ideas like the true leader you are.

I want you to realise that IS possible.

Meera Remani

You can and will own your place in your organisation and it will be easier than you imagined.

I’m going to show you how my clients go from shy, timid, and anxious to speaking up to leading conversations and not allowing themselves to feel less than.

As a result:

  • Their managers take them more seriously
  • Their teams treat them with greater respect
  • They are seen and heard in meetings
  • They grow into impactful leadership roles
  • They have greater fulfilment in their lives

Above all, they are able to command the salaries, and the impact and influence they truly want from their careers.


And all it takes is 21 days to fully cement yourself into this journey

Meet Meera

How do I know this? Maybe you’re now wondering who am I to be telling you this

Hi, I’m Meera Remani. I have 2 decades of leadership experience after my MBA from IIM Lucknow, in organizations like P&G and Amazon across cultures and countries, like Poland, India, USA, and Germany. This helps me intimately understand the nuances of your world. I have since then worked in my capacity as a leadership coach with hundreds of leaders like you who have gone from being tongue-tied to taking a lead to finally thriving and taking the corner office where they truly belong.

I myself am stunned by the change I have experienced…from finding it difficult to speak to leading conversations, from squeezing into the corners to occupying space in boardrooms. ~ Khushboo Rawat, Unilever

I’m here to tell you that nothing…and I mean nothing…can stop you from that corner office if you want it.

I know because I was in the same place you are in right now.

The work I did on myself helped me thrive. Then I refined and codified my process which I now support executives and their teams.

I use A Blend Of Neuroscience, Psychology, And Coaching, to help you Unlock in Less Than One Month:

  • Your highest potential
  • Your inherent ability to gain stakeholder trust (yes, you have that)
  • The fastest path to your next promotion and
  • The salary increase you deserve…finally

Your success relies on your ability to show upper management that you know how to do more than track KPIs or take notes in meetings.

You have ideas and input to share, but no one will know it until you speak up and make the most powerful impact you can make

Introducing The “Skyrocket Your Confidence” Program

Bust the Imposter Syndrome.
Stand Up, Speak Up, Make An Impact.

The program starts soon

Skyrocket Your Confidence Program

This 21-day program is PROVEN to help the silent, the shy, and the introverted rise and lead with authority, integrity and presence.

The “Skyrocket Your Confidence” Program Will Take You On a Journey Through Yourself To Uncover:

  • Your biggest blocks to standing up and being taken seriously.
  • The flecks of your inner genius so that you can rise above those blocks with power and confidence.
  • How to position yourself with authority so that others listen and take notice.
  • Setting boundaries in ways that others honor…and with respect.
  • How to maintain your energy and confidence around those who may otherwise cause you to shrink back into quiet shyness.
  • The intricacies of communication so that you can learn to listen and speak like a true leader in your organisation.

What you need to know is this process works.

All you have to be willing to do is believe in yourself just a little bit and I’ll help you get there the rest of the way. The payoff? Greater respect from others, deeper meaning in your career, and the salary that comes with both.

Why 21 Days?

It’s been psychologically proven that we need a minimum of 21 days to create a habit.

That’s why this course is 21 days of doing the work. It’s not 21 days of content that you will not absorb. It’s 21 days of LIVING the work that is going to change your life.

But don’t worry…if you can’t make it to the live calls, they’ll be recorded and whether you are there or not, you will still have my support in your corner because I take pride in the fact that when you are with me in any work that I do, you will get my 110%.

I put all of me into what I do because I want you to be able to get everything YOU need to make this work for you. For your career. For your family. And for your community.

“A tipping point!” ~Sharbanee Prusty

“Loved it. Listening to others’ stories I found my own missing pieces. Thank you Meera” ~Sunaina Sharma

Meera Remani

When You Sign Up For “The Skyrocket Your Confidence” Program

You Get Access To…


Bite-sized content that fits your already busy schedule


Live program with recorded content that you can refer to on your own


Course videos, workbooks, and notes to optimise your application of what you learn


Practical exercises, accountability & support to accelerate your results


Community learning, support, and encouragement to keep you focused and growing


Unlimited full-year access to the course so you can revisit and revise to embed the learning whenever you need a boost

The Course


3 live interactive calls during the program along with the recorded content


Extended access Once you finish the program, you’ll have access to the content for the rest of the year


Fits busy schedules The daily commitment is around 10-15 mins


Community The accountability and momentum of being with like minded people on a similar journey


Impact for life The concepts and strategies can be applied over and over again in different areas of life, impacting not just confidence but other success factors too

There will be 3 LIVE Calls: 1 to kick it all off, a second to check in and see how you’re coming along with the content (because this is NOT a passive course – you will be guided to taking ACTION…DAILY), and a third wrap up call to send you out into the world with your brand new version…


Bosses, colleagues, team members, HR, and anyone else who doesn’t really know you exist…They’re going to finally SEE you and KNOW your brilliance.

What will you get

Week 1 We will use the hidden archetypes, based on neuroscience, to determine what your default patterns are. Then, we’ll rewire you into a more empowered state, complete with how-to steps, action prompts, and accountability

Week 2 This week we’ll work on entering peak states of being and start working on your compelling vision for your career and life so that you can intentionally start working on it with confidence.

Week 3 This is when we amp up the volume on taking action and apply it to specific scenarios like handling perfectionism (which keeps you from moving forward), chronic people-pleasing (which keeps you from asserting your truth), and saying no (respectfully).

We’ll address many common scenarios and your unique scenarios so you are well-prepared to use these lessons in your life and career.



Amrutha Ravi, Associate Director, UBS

I attended the 21 day program with Meera on busting imposter syndrome in August 2021. The program is backed by science and shows how small habits help rewire the brain, leading to profound positive changes.

It is a well structured program that leads to a greater awareness of self and offers a variet... Read More

Amrutha Ravi
Associate Director, UBS
Himadri Gangwar, Senior Manager, DSP


There was a lot of self discovery involved which was quite empowering as well as eye opening at the same time.


Himadri Gangwar
Senior Manager, DSP
Sharbanee Prusty, Consultant, Deloitte


I loved the practical frameworks shared to identify inner saboteurs, minimizers and cognitive biases and various tools like power poses, self-talk, re-framing biases etc. to deal with them. This program was a tipping point!

Sharbanee Prusty
Consultant, Deloitte
Nick Fox, Senior Manager, Soundcloud


Meera has an extremely gentle and open approach and confronts every issue without judgement or prejudice. She displayed a great knack for flipping my preconceptions on their head and challenging me to think about problems in a different way, and her positive demeanour made me feel really conf... Read More

Nick Fox
Senior Manager, Soundcloud
Rohini Dwarkanath, Global Data Manager, ICON


This program helped in seeing myself in a new light. A BIG thank you for bringing the positivity, showing a way to weed out the negatives. You are showing the path of success …More power to you Meera!

Rohini Dwarkanath
Global Data Manager, ICON
Michaela Tada, Performance Lead Central Europe, Google

It’s been an absolute pleasure working with Meera. A completely new world has opened up for me! In contrast, before I approached Meera, throughout my career, I suffered from imposter syndrome – doubting my skills and talent, and thinking that I have succeeded due to luck. There was a lot of ... Read More

Michaela Tada
Performance Lead Central Europe, Google
Arulin Jajorea Gautam, Senior Manager, Aircel


I was part of this boot camp and it helped me break my endless cycle of self doubt. Meera helped me identify the reasons behind my triggers and how to manage them.Great program. I would sincerely recommend it if you are looking to break a pattern in your career.


Arulin Jajorea Gautam
Senior Manager, Aircel
Kalpana Swaminathan, Bangalore


Meera, the program was great! I could see myself being more aware of my thought process than what I was earlier and it’s a big big win! I don’t think I have ever done that before. I loved the commitment the group brought. The content was structured. I liked the practical examples ... Read More

Kalpana Swaminathan
Khushboo Rawat, Marketing Manager, Unilever


Meera has been pivotal in crafting the transformation that I have had during the last one year. Her methods are unique and magical to say the least. I am stunned with the changes I have experienced: from finding it difficult to speak to leading conversations, from squeezing into the corners t... Read More

Khushboo Rawat
Marketing Manager, Unilever
Shibani Priyadarshini, OD and Change Management Head, India at Novo Nordisk


Loved loved the program and hoping for many more!! Want to be associated with Meera for years to come!! Loved the individual attention provided to all participants and the level of customization. Also the positive and encouraging approach of Meera.


Shibani Priyadarshini
OD and Change Management Head, India at Novo Nordisk

The “Skyrocket Your Confidence” Program is easily valued at €777, thanks to the level of accountability and guidance built into the program to make sure you succeed.

But, I want it to be as accessible as possible for all levels of business.

So, at this moment, it’s available at a lower rate

Bonus 1

Free entry to my Masterclasses which are a great extension of the work we’ll be doing in this course. It offers a practical step-by-step framework that fits into your busy schedule even if you don’t have any time for “networking”.
Create a thriving network of allies and sponsors who open doors to unique opportunities for you!

Bonus 2

Free access to my “Leaders RISE Accelerator” set of 7 powerful and transformational workbooks.

They will help you access those new levels of you and relate them to the successes highly-impactful leaders have so you can begin to incorporate those habits into your daily routines.


Limited-Time Bonuses Available

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the course live or recorded?

The program has recorded content plus live coaching calls. So it’s a hybrid. Upon program completion, you’ll have access to all the content for one full year.

Can I quit and get a refund if I don’t like the course?

Yes, you can try the program out for 5 days and if you don’t like it you’ll get your money back, as long as you show us that you were an active participant for all of those 5 days (which is participation in the daily activities and sharing daily reflections in the group).

How soon can I get access to the course?

As soon as you make the payment you’ll receive a confirmation email with access details. As soon as the program starts, you’ll have access to the course content and the group.

How long will I get access to the course?

You’ll have access to the course content even after the program finishes for a whole year.

What if I don’t have time and I miss sessions?

Don’t worry, the course is designed keeping busy people in mind. Apart from the daily content being power-packed yet bite-sized, we will also have a couple of catchup days in between without new content so that you can come up to speed.

How will the program address my specific situations?

During the 21 days, Meera will be personally active and answering all the questions that arise in the group. So rest assured, your questions and unique situations will be addressed.

The program is about YOU rising to your highest potential.

Claim your voice, claim your stage, claim your success..

This is your time.

And you can own it.

I will help you.

21 Days
And 2 Willing Souls…Yours & Mine

Limited-Time Bonuses Available

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