You Are An Ambitious Leader

You may often wonder, what does it take to reach the higher echelons of success?

Is it only superlative work?

Based on my work with hundreds of leaders and my own leadership career, I believe that superlative work is critical to success— but it isn’t enough. So, what does it really take to reach the higher echelons of success?

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Building your network and having a strong relationship with key stakeholders is the essential ingredient to success in addition to high-quality work.

This guide is a powerful resource that will show you how to be intentional, authentic, and smart in building your network while raising your visibility and will also save you a ton of time!

What’s inside:

A 5-part printable PDF that you can learn from,
write on and keep forever, which will help you

    • Strategy
    Take conscious steps towards building your visibility and winning people.
    • Intention
    Don’t just do everything, spreading yourself too thin. Build your network smartly!
    • Action Plan
    Your action plan that, when executed, is guaranteed to transform your career trajectory!
    Stakeholder Management Page - Stakeholder Mapping for Success

    This is a must-have personal go-to resource… don’t miss out!


    Amirudapriya Balakumar, Sales Enablement & Solutions Strategist at Accenture, India

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    In many ways, Meera has helped me tap into my zone of ‘potential’ – taking new risks and executing it flawlessly. The one big takeaway for me was how I’ve become my own Validator – an internal source of self-sufficiency-of-a-kind that has strengthened my confidence and approach to life!
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    Amirudapriya Balakumar
    Sales Enablement & Solutions Strategist at Accenture
    Krithika Venkataraman, Sr. Manager, Capgemini, Bangalore

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    Meera conducted a virtual session on Stakeholder Management for our team. It was a thoroughly enjoyable and valuable session, with concrete frameworks and next steps on how to approach stakeholder management. What stood out with Meera’s training was the enthusiasm and efforts she put in to re... Read More

    Krithika Venkataraman
    Sr. Manager at Capgemini
    Madhuri Agrawal, Business & Supply Chain Excellence Leader at Apple, Singapore

    open quote

    Meera created the space for me to explore through this forest with my own light. Like many other people, I have multiple voices in my head, and sometimes it is difficult for me to know which one is truly mine. Meera kept bringing the right questions to our conversations, until I began to see my own... Read More

    Madhuri Agrawal
    Business & Supply Chain Excellence Leader at Apple
    Remya Ann Jose, Head – Talent Management at V-Guard Industries Ltd., India

    open quote

    Meera took a lot of effort to find out our requirements through one-to-one meetings when we invited her to do a session for our employees on International Women’s Day. We wanted to make the topic simple and relatable to all. Together, through deliberations we arrived at the topic” Thriv... Read More

    Remya Ann Jose
    Head Talent Management at V-Guard Industries Ltd.
    Dorina Leititis, Regional Product Lead APAC at Google, Singapore

    open quote

    I have more clarity about my career, I have become more trusting in relationships and have learnt to use my different strengths in better ways.
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    Dorina Leititis
    Regional Product Lead APAC at Google

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