Take 100% Responsibility for Yourself and Your Goals

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There are times in our lives when our projects may not be going so well, our relationships are rocky or we aren’t generating the income we expected to from our business. In those situations, it’s easy to blame the circumstance or another person for why things aren’t working.

In this blog, I will share some powerful reframe that will switch our minds from a victim mentality to an empowered, inspired one.

The cons of complaining and putting the responsibility on external circumstances or people: we take on a victim mentality and things start to seem way out of our control than they actually are. The risk? We stay stuck in situations without achieving our goals (for e.g., finishing the project, enjoying harmonious relationships, generating abundant income), we lose our confidence and we might give up on our goals altogether.

I know for a FACT that we are all powerful creators and are divinely gifted. That is why I want to help you reframe seemingly rocky situations and emerge the winner that you’re born to be.

The pros of doing that? You naturally sense the resources at hand to turn the situation around and achieve what you desire. You feel inspired to take action and the scenario transforms.

Here are 3 steps to help you:

1. Ditch the victim mentality

Do not fall prey to the mindset that you are a victim of circumstances. The victim mentality disempowers you. It makes you focus on those aspects of your life that drag you down. It’s an easy mindset to adopt because it’s rampant in the society and we’re programmed to adopt what’s rampant in the society as “normal” or acceptable. However, you can decide differently. Successful high-performers catch themselves in the act and stop the downward spiraling of thoughts and emotions. Sure, you can’t control the external factors that come at you, but you can control how you react to them.

2. Acknowledge Your Power

Be aware of your own actions and their consequences. Realize that you are responsible for the outcomes in your life – the good and the bad. You have control over the outcome of any situation, and however hard it is, YOU can turn it around. Think of ways on how you can improve your project and its financial outcomes including investing in the right mentors or coaches, assess your relationship with your partner and see what behavioral changes you can adapt to turn it around or seek professional help as needed.

3. Turn Your Failure to Inspiration

Even if you consider something a failure or a mistake, there is the richness of experience, knowledge, and growth in that, which will be the fodder for your next steps.

Do not be ashamed to admit your shortcomings to yourself, do not be ashamed to admit the possibility that you overlooked something that could’ve caused your failure. Acknowledging what didn’t work is, in fact, the first step in a transformative act that will help you determine the necessary course-correction to successfully reach your goals.

Acknowledge your power, unlock your potential, draw in your success.

How you condition your mind plays a big role in how you achieve your goals. By acknowledging your power, you unlock your potential, and by unlocking your full potential, you draw in success.


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