The 3 Levels of Listening to Create Trust and Connection

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Are you interested in learning how to build trust and connection effectively?

The best start is by developing your listening skills.

During my rebel days, I used to be a terrible listener. As someone would speak, my excitable mind would be busy formulating a retort and get itself wound up in a million knots.

Until one day, I had a terrible showdown with my father.

In the aftermath of it, with a spinning head, I decided it’s not worth it. I did not want to be so aggravated anymore. By anyone. Ever. Period!

That kickoff a personal development journey. Not bad as an aftermath, huh? I’m a sucker for spotting silver linings, you see?

Flash forward to a few weeks ago, a new client compliments me on how wonderful a listener I am and asks how he can be one too (in the context of leadership, personal life, etc.).

Every time I hear such words, it takes a moment to register them, as I contain my surprise (it still happens!) and make my way back from cloud no.9.

Like what I always tell my clients, “If I can do it, you can do it too.”

So, today let me share with you a framework to help you develop your listening skills.

3 Levels of Listening 

Level 1: FOCUS ON ME

This is the fundamental level of listening where we focus on ourselves. We are listening to respond. We are listening to the internal voices that go around in our heads. The focus is on: What would be my next response? What would I do about this?


This is where we focus on the other person: what they’re saying, thinking, feeling. We elevate our presence by doing so, by being fully present to the person. People feel heard in this instance, which develops trust.


This is where we are focusing on energy. We go beyond words. We can actually sense the tone being used. When we are in the person’s physical presence, we can actually see what body language they’re using. This makes the person feel respected, developing trust even further.

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