The COVID Leadership Test: 3 Tips to Survive and Thrive

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Leadership during a crisis can be challenging. Boxing could be a more apt metaphor. You never know which side the next blow is coming from, and the opponent never tires!

With the unprecedented events and changes taking place almost simultaneously, managing all of these is the Ironman test of leadership.

Mistakes are inevitable, but we must not think that failures of leadership are the only thing that can come out of this situation. There are many opportunities for decisive action and honest communication that comes with it. If you can rise to the occasion, you will establish your core values as a leader.

3 Tips to Survive and Thrive

I’ve talked to leaders who have been praised for what they’ve done for their people. And this is what I’ve gathered on how you too can survive and thrive as a leader during a crisis:

𝗣𝗲𝗼𝗽𝗹𝗲 𝗙𝗶𝗿𝘀𝘁

Ann, a CIO with a rather transactional style of communication, rose to the need of the hour, putting people & touching base with them first. She trained to stretch outside her comfort zone, shares helpful info & goes beyond just asking for status updates.


Sunil, a VP in a Pharma company, keeps people in the loop with updates & snubs the grapevine talk, letting them know he’s open for questions.


Michelle, VP-Ops in a leading consumer goods co., cannot stress enough the importance of taking a step back from the chaos. When she’s not in the middle of it all, her mind gains the calm & clarity for solutions to emerge. It’s self-care and other-care at its best.

I believe that a crisis poses an opportunity to rediscover your core values. And this COVID crisis has been extraordinarily challenging. It’s an opportunity to find clarity and help you develop unshakeable confidence to overcome any future scenario.

Do you acknowledge that there is a great opportunity for you to discover your personal power in these trying times? Leverage the situation to develop yourself into the whole spectrum of leadership capabilities: strategically, psychologically & spiritually. Schedule a coaching session with me today and find out how.

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