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For ambitious, professional women who want to truly enjoy a beautiful life full of love, calm and success. For those who want 2020 to be the year and the decade where their dreams came true!

Be guided into clarity on what you really want, set in place a strong mindset and easy daily habits to breakthrough, build and thrive in the life you’ve always wanted to have. 

A warm welcome to you!

Hi, you gorgeous amazing woman,

I am happy that you visited, thank you for being here. I know you’re here for a reason. 

Probably you there’s more to you than you currently express in your career, some sort of untapped potential, but you’re not sure what exactly it is and how to go about realizing it. 

Or, you’re tired and overwhelmed with your current responsibilities and want a way out into a calmer, fulfilling and successful life. 

Or, you have challenges and aspirations that you just want to get your head around, get some clarity, and finally move forward with calm and confidence. 

Or, a combination of some or all of these.

Definitely, you have a hunger inside you for more, to taste more of what life has to offer. The good stuff, that you’ve been dreaming of.

  • A fantastic career on your own terms, feeling confident, acknowledged, and going places
  • A loving, romantic relationship where you feel safe, nurtured and understood
  • A healthy and fit body which is an oasis of true health and well being, something to be truly proud of 
  • A bank balance and financial stability that makes you feel safe and abundant to support your needs and desires
  • etc. 

You’ve been wanting that shift for a while, been taking actions, but things aren’t going as well as you want. 

You may be starting to doubt if it’s possible at all, tired and doubting yourself, and are about to give up.

Wait, not yet! 

Dreams and plans are good, especially when backed with extreme clarity on what it is that you want, and then (and only then) taking actions that are aligned with the clarity. It’s like feeding the right address in the car’s GPS and then starting to drive, then you’re sure to reach your destination than waste several hours driving all over the place lost, tired and frustrated. 

Your curiosity has led you to the right place. 

There are no coincidences and you are here because I can help you with what you want. 

In a way that’s unlike anything, you have ever tried before. Here’s why. To taste extraordinary joy, freedom and success we’ve got to apply extraordinary solutions. 

Those extraordinary solutions don’t need to be hard or complex or time-consuming. Some of the best solutions in life are deceptively simple, all one needs to know is figure out what one wants (Clarity), go after it with laser-focus (Commitment) and believe (Confidence).

Welcome to “2020 – Build your Vision” workshop


The thing is you can pour over books or watch TED videos or follow Youtube playlists for as long as you want. The process is powerful but slow. Why? Because it’s not tailor-made for a specific audience. 

This is right for you, because…

I work exclusively with corporate women, been one myself for a decade and a half. I know the dreams and challenges, the opportunities and the struggles. I speak your language. I work day in and day out with corporate women, going behind the scenes and helping you transform your life inside out. 

So when I conduct a workshop for a small group of corporate women, it’s sure to speak to your specific needs and wants. There’s no other way, I want this to work for YOU! So I leave no stone unturned in making sure you get true transformation from this workshop. 

That is my greatest joy and purpose in this world. I want you to walk away from this workshop beaming with joy at the transformation you’ve just had.

How awesome is that, isn’t it?

This workshop is one of a kind, these are 3 of the modules. I’ll keep the rest a pleasant surprise for you to uncover during the workshop (wink, wink!). 

Clarity on 9 life areas

Clarity on 9 life areas – including career, money, health, relationships – taking stock on the current status. For example, even though you may have what seems to be a successful career with a bank balance to boot, you may not feel fulfilled. Or, you may be in a relationship where you desire more connection. Or, you desire to improve your overall health and well being. We will deep dive and see how to elevate the joy and satisfaction you feel in these life areas.

Create a vision

Create a vision – the desired state where you want to be. This is where things get crystal clear, baby! Imagine for a moment – feeling fully alive and rocking your job, getting that promotion you desire, the relationship that you want where you feel nurtured and understood, finally having that bank balance. How does that feel? Currently, how often do you take time to shape your vision? Time to stop sleepwalking! Let’s set your vision and go get it! 

Craft the plan

Craft the plan – here’s where we talk about alignment, honey. You see, a plan without clarity is bound to fail because you’re simply not clear on what to focus on. That’s why you spent so much time, energy and money only to feel lost and defeated enough to give up. The story changes here! We take action that’s aligned with your vision, action that’s broken down into simple daily habits that’s clear and easy enough to stick to and most importantly, action that’ll bring the exact results you desire.



This is such a crazily powerful experience for you to go through. The best part? Throughout the workshop, you have me to guide you, keep you accountable and ensure you walk out with a winner’s mindset and plan to boot! 

Don’t you love interactive workshops? I love them and thrive in them. It’s electrifying when done the right way and that’s what you’re gonna get. Your burning questions answered! And if you feel too shy to ask in the workshop, you can simply email me for a private answer. 

Remember what I said before, extraordinary results require extraordinary actions. I bet you’re tired of waiting by the sidelines for things to shift and are ready to take action. I bet you’ve come to the right place. Here’s what some of my clients/workshop participants have said. 

Dorina Leititis, Berlin, Germany

Meera’s coaching skills are amazing: she is a good listener, asks the right questions and digs right into important topics below the surface. I have more clarity about my career, I have become more trusting in relationships and have learnt to use my different strengths in better ways. Thank you Meera!

Blake Ashley, Georgia US

Working with Meera has been so amazing! She has such a loving, feminine presence, she’s like the mother I never had . I was opened up so much to my natural flow that I wrote and recorded a full song that I have started working on with a producer! I have struggled to complete a full song for months while a producer had been waiting for me to send him some material to move forward with my first song and there were times where I wondered if I was even going to be able to write my own material. It has been a dream of mine for years to be a legitimate singer/songwriter and it is finally coming true! Also, a person from my past showed up that I connected with which is helping to rewire my belief that I am unlovable (one of the limiting beliefs that Meera helped me work through in our session). My life has opened up, I’m taking huge steps forward toward my dreams and I couldn’t have done it without Meera! I’m so excited to keep working with her! Thank you Meera!

Katia Vlachos, Zurich, Switzerland

I’ve loved working with Meera. Whether the topic we tackled was professional or personal, I came away from every single coaching session with a sense of clarity and empowerment. Meera is a force of nature. She asks the right questions with confidence and does not hesitate to use her intuition and challenge my assumptions and beliefs where needed. At the same time, she is compassionate, thoughtful and genuinely engaged. She knows how to create connection by being attuned to her client’s mindset, emotions and energy. I highly recommend her.

Workshop feedback from several participants, Munich 2018.

Thank you for the great event and for radiating so much positive energy.

You are really inspiring! 

I love your energy.

I am now completely determined to reach my goals.

I have a lot of clarity about my life, goals and how to reach them, thank you! 


I love giving you a wealth of options to choose from. I am making this workshop available in 3 different formats, choose the one that most appeals to you. If you have questions, you can reach me directly at


Live Workshop

I would wholeheartedly recommend you to make this investment in time, effort and money because it’s going to be worth that and more.

Think about the money & time you would spend on a month’s worth of coffee or on a haircut or shoes.

You deserve to take care of your mind and soul as well. So treat yourself to a few hours of self-awareness, vision-setting and action planning, all in a fun, easy and interactive environment. 

I am Meera Remani, coach for corporate women. With almost 15 years as a manager, mentor and coach in the corporate world, I regularly work with ambitious high-achievers, mostly women, helping them lead a life of purpose, success and calm. That’s my superpower. You can read more about me on my website, 

I invite you on this journey of crafting your vision and making it come alive. You’re done waiting. If not now, when? So go ahead and select from one of the 3 options above and let’s get rocking! 

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