What Sets Successful High Performers Apart – Part 1

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You attract what you're ready for

I enjoy coaching ambitious go-getters. The people with fire in their belly. However sometimes even with the best of intentions, their efforts don’t provide the results they desire.

This blog contains some of the insights I gained from personal experience, observation and researching existing materials. I’m sharing it with the hope that it inspires the go-getter in you to keep going for the goals you desire.

Your vision should not bow to self-imposed limitations

Your vision should not bow to self-imposed limitations or what is commonly accepted as impossible. Constantly ask yourself, what would it require of me to reach my goal? Then take action accordingly. A daily check of your mindset is important. Are you viewing your vision from the perspective of what the challenges are or what the opportunities are? This makes all the difference!

"A daily check of your mindset is important"

Invest in building the right skills

Build the required skills intentionally. Set aside time, book it in your calendar. Make that investment. Seek out mentors. When you prepare yourself intentionally, you will steadily make progress towards mastery. 

Does your VISION match your WHY?

“If your ‘WHY’ doesn’t make you cry, it’s not your ‘WHY'” Coach Hite

It’s important to understand the inherent motivation behind our goals. When we dig deeper, the goals that really make a difference to us and leave a legacy are the ones that touch us deeply, when we are in service to ourselves and our families. In doing so, we make the world a better place. 

What is the feeling you wish to evoke in your life when you achieve your vision? Are your goals inspired by a need to win the acknowledgment from others without genuinely making you happy? If your vision doesn’t genuinely make you happy, it won’t go the distance, it may not come true. And even if it does, it wouldn’t conjure the usual feelings we associate with success (for e.g., joy and fulfillment).

If you need help reflecting on your WHY, here’s a helpful video.

That was a short and crisp summary of some of my research so far. I promise to share more in future articles. If you found this helpful, please leave a comment. Thank you!

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