Working with Meera

Awakening YOU to your deepest potential

Let’s dive in and discover what makes YOU come alive, your values, your strengths and your passions –  even if you don’t yet know what they are.  You’ll experience the thrill of awareness as a first step to claiming your passions and gifts! I’ll help you craft your vision for your ideal life, marrying all your unique, myriad skills & passions weaving them into a beautiful tapestry. And don’t worry about those niggling (and sometimes overwhelming) feelings of self-doubt, fear and the weights of past experiences – I’ll weave the magic of self-confidence, empowered beliefs and strategies for turning your life around into that tapestry. You then go to town rocking that dream, building your ideal life and experience full empowerment! I will be with you every step of the way, guiding you forward and cheering you on.

Now you may ask “Can I really do this?”

You: “Meera, I am not sure if I want to bring massive changes in my life.”

Me: Darling, I know that you’ve reached me and my site and are reading this because you feel stuck and uninspired where you are right now. You’ve had enough and you want help. Are you willing to live this way, and take your dreams to your grave, regret your indecision when you look back 20-30 years later? You know there is more to you. Change can start with baby steps. Give yourself a shot, you can do this! Big hugs.

You: “I have just managed to settle myself into a stable career, relationship and family. My partner/husband/parent/ best friend might think I’m a crazy fool!”

Me: You know you’re dying deep inside. How long can you keep up the pretense? Take a stand, you need to do this for YOURSELF first. Your loved ones will notice the change in you sooner or later. Your conviction will inspire them too. Finally, ask yourself, how many of those people (apart from your closest family and friends) that you fear judgement from actually care? Is it worth playing small for them?

You: “I’m not sure whether I have what it takes to dream big and make it come true.”

Me: You’re more powerful than you give yourself credit for. Allow yourself to believe that for one moment. Now, how does that feel? Convincing? Yup, I thought so too.

Look at the story of anyone who’s inspired you and you’ll see that they battled and are still battling with similar or more severe challenges and limiting beliefs as you currently are. They just decide to keep moving forward, tackle the challenges as they happen, and decide to believe in their greatness – one day at a time.

If they can, you definitely can too!

You: “I may be unhappy in my life, but well maybe I will just put my head down and continue this way than change everything drastically. At least that won’t disturb anyone’s peace or have me take uncomfortable steps.”

Me: For how long and for whom? Don’t you want to live your life for yourself and set an example for others to follow?

You: Also, how about the money? Personal development and a coach means spending a lot of money, I don’t or I am not willing to spend my hard earned cash on that. Also I have that mortgage/TV/vacation to pay for.”

Me: I thought that too, until I realized I couldn’t afford NOT to and that my life was worth more than the vacation & glossy Facebook pictures or that shiny new TV. I wanted life to be truly enjoyable!

You: “My partner/husband/parent/ best friend will completely disapprove of it.”

Me: Until they see how happy you are – your courage will inspire them!

But one day, lying in the hospital bed in the ICU I realized enough is enough! Pushing my truth away was costing me my life! It wasn’t as simple as just running on the hamster wheel or living someone’s else’s dream. It was costing me my precious resources, getting me sicker and sicker everyday (even though I didn’t or couldn’t notice it at first), it was costing me my life!


Something inside me – my truest self, my spirit, my internal GPS –  was dying without acknowledgement. I was taking in jobs that paid money, but made me miserable! I had relationships with people who made me feel small, who were only happy with me if I played by their rules.  The unhappiness soon spilled into health, relationships and the quality of my everyday life! I realized that if I continue this way, sooner or later I will languish in a job and life that no longer excited me, get even more sick and even lose my loved ones and the precious relationships I have built. I hope that just like me, you realize that…

YOU are the most important investment you can ever make in your life.

You are important, your dreams are important.

When you are truly happy with yourself, you emanate the vibes that create relationships, careers and the life you want – effortlessly and beautifully.

Ask yourself – what is the cost playing small, pleasing others, ignoring your gifts? Would you be proud looking back at your life when you are 70?

If you value yourself and want to be living the best version of your life I invite you to experience a powerful coaching conversation with me, free, no-strings attached.

Step 1

  1. Building your vision for your business and life
  2. Discovering your strengths
  3. Taking stock of your experiences, desires and wisdom

Step 2

  1. Building a mindset fit for champions
  2. Slaying your limiting beliefs and challenges
  3. Stocking up powerful tools for whenever fear strikes

Step 3

  1. Launching your dream career
  2. Staying consistent with an empowered mindset in all areas of your life
  3. Ensuring you live savoring the feeling of contentment and success, enjoying the best of what life has to offer

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