Become the leader you know you can be with my leadership coaching

You are an ocean of potential.
You’ve expressed a part of it and created ripples.
But you know there’s more in the depths. Going untapped. Maybe you don’t know what it is. Or you know, but doubts subdue that surety. Meanwhile, you’re not making the impact you desire. You’re missing opportunities.
Soon, you’ll feel stressed trying to prove yourself. In time, you’ll feel uninspired. Devalued. You’ll say, “Maybe this is all I can be.” And it will be a lie.

Because I know the feeling. I’ve been there.
Your self-doubt, fears of criticism, judgment, and failure can affect how you show up in your life. It affects your sense of self-worth, calm, impacts treasured relationships, your performance at work, and your health.

You’re a brilliant, talented, ambitious leader! You know the costs of staying stuck where you are.
You are an ocean of potential. Through my leadership coaching programmes, we go deeper and unleash your true potential. Forget ripples. Let’s make waves.

Forget ripples. Let’s make waves.

What can I offer YOU as a leadership coach


Are you excited about discovering deeper potential?
Integrating parts of you that you haven’t owned?
And being the best version of “you”?
This is what it means to be an authentic leader.
It’s what brings you influence, breakthrough value, and personal harmony.

How do I know?

I know the nuances of your world because I’ve been there myself. I speak your language.

Every day I help leaders just like you through my leadership coaching programmes. I help them discover their deeper potential, integrate it into their lives, and be exponentially successful, authentically.

Let’s be the Best of YOU!

Meera Remani - Leadership Coach
A-B of Leadership Coaching

Now there’s a slow way to do it, and a quicker, surer way to do it.

Much like how an aircraft can get you from point A to point B faster than a train can.  

The bus-way of doing it is self help books, YouTube videos that are generic, may excite you for a while, but lack customizations, implementation strategies and accountability.  

The aircraft, or rocketship as I would like to call it, is my powerful 7-step Leaders RISE Accelerator Framework that has given client after client extraordinary results. Because there is powerful coaching, tools, mindset and accountability available to you everyday through my leadership coaching programmes.

How does it unfold


My unique Leaders RISE Accelerator methodology offers

  • Clarity about deeper, “unowned” potential 
  • A path to integrating that potential into external outcomes   
  • Performance enablers to maximize impact
Leadership Coach Career Flight

What will you get with leadership coaching


The journey to being an extraordinary leader starts here. Have the impact, influence and income you desire. Create thriving teams and organizations. Live a life of abundance, balance and fulfillment.

Go from feeling


Spread thin

Burned out

Fearful of challenges

A slave to people and circumstances

To feeling




Excited about possibilities

In control of your story

Amazing results for my clients through my leadership coaching

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What will you get


Let's have a no-strings-attached conversation where we talk about YOU! We go deep into what it is that you desire the most, and how to achieve all that and more (because a powerful leadership coaching conversation can really draw out desires that previously we did not dare to think or dream about). There will be no judgment and I promise complete confidentiality. Above all, I offer a safe place where you can let go of worries and just be yourself. Splash plentiful colors in that big bold canvas of your amazing, dream life!

Awakening YOU to your deepest potential


When you lead inauthentically, you create inner resentment. Sooner or later, that affects you and others. When you lead authentically, you create inner harmony and massive external impact.

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