Building your network of senior allies is the KEY to confidently climbing the corporate ladder, and being recognised, respected and rewarded as a best in class leader

And it’s attainable only through the
Leaders Rise Accelerator

Building your network of senior allies is the KEY to confidently climbing the corporate ladder, and being recognised, respected and rewarded as a best in class leader

And it’s attainable only through the
Leaders Rise Accelerator

Finding yourself overlooked and undervalued?

If you have excellent credentials, you work hard and you have the potential to be an outstanding ambassador for your organisation…

And yet year on year you find yourself overlooked and undervalued when it comes to the annual recognition awards, the promotions and the pay-rises…

And you are terrified of stagnating in your career, and not fulfilling your potential…

Then you’re no doubt experiencing the frustration and resentment that most ambitious leaders feel when in this situation. You may even be contemplating jumping ship and starting up with a different company.

The problem is, not only are you NOT the quitting type, but escaping this environment does not guarantee what you want, and is rarely the solution.

The only way to guarantee successful career progression, and increase your influence, your impact, AND your income, without losing yourself in the process is to build your network of senior allies and sponsors, who vouch for you and open doors to opportunities, that are otherwise only available to those “in the know”. 

Being recognised, respected and trusted by those beyond your immediate management level, is the surest and fastest path to claiming those top positions that you dream about and deserve…

And it’s the ONLY way to:

  • Rise above the stress and disharmony of petty politics, blaming and complaining so you can soar and fulfill your highest potential  
  • Get yourself recognised as a trusted leader across the organisation, and be  involved in major decision-making at boardroom level   
  • Overcome the toxic imbalance of overworking, and feeling perpetually guilty, so you experience more joy, have more quality time with your family, and sleep better
  • Release yourself from the ridiculous demands of an inept or bullish boss, who ignores or dismisses your hard work and efforts  
  • Instead create an environment around you that is inspiring, uplifting and supportive of growth and progression

So you can finally show up with authority, a strong personal brand and the executive presence that opens doors and gets you a seat at the top table.

This is exactly what the Leaders Rise Accelerator will help you achieve.

We’ve all seen those less qualified, less experienced and newer to the organisation, rapidly rise up the ranks…

Winning promotions, rubbing shoulders with senior management and being asked for their feedback on critical management issues, or being invited to high visibility projects.

These people are no more worthy or deserving, or even more special than you, and they’re certainly no more hungry for success than you…

The secret of their success lies in their ability to masterfully nurture and develop the relationships that really count in a corporate culture.

 If you can:

  • Clearly communicate your worth 
  • Contribute in meetings 
  • Respectively ask for what you want 
  • Negotiate terms effectively 
  • Assert yourself with confidence 
  • Build one relationship at a time with focus and intention 
  • Get out of your comfort zone and feel good even at work social gatherings and 
  • Recognise your inherent value, not just as a leader but as a human being…

You can earn the trust and support of a high net-worth network of senior allies…

Thereby facilitating your rapid rise up the ranks. No more having to prove your worth or ‘beg’ for support for your projects, promotions or your pay-rises! Makes sense, right? Seems simple enough…

So, what stops you doing all of that and getting noticed already?  

You feel like a fraud.

It’s not just you.

As high achievers, we’ve been conditioned to define success by our accomplishments, without learning how to truly value our own achievements. Leading to persistent self-doubt and feelings of inadequacy, which hold us back professionally and stop us speaking up in meetings.

We never feel good enough.

Resorting to self diminishing behaviours, such as people pleasing. We seek approval and validation through no-nonsense heads-down hard work.

“Work hard, and you’ll get the promotion”, they promised. “Your work will speak for itself…”  

Until it doesn’t.  

And you find yourself in a toxic culture, with an overbearing or inept boss, too intimidated to speak up for yourself for fear of being perceived as a trouble-maker, as lazy or too big for your boots.

With eroded confidence, you find yourself unable to take positive steps to get recognised and rewarded for your exceptional work and creating and leveraging those valuable networks.

This is the No.1 reason why so many intelligent, high qualified and credentialed managers fail to make the cut into senior executive positions. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

The power to re-ignite the fires of your ambition and sky-rocket your career is in your hands and it starts right here with the Leaders Rise Accelerator.

The Leaders Rise Accelerator system is born...

Let me share with you how I came about the Leaders Rise Accelerator system.  

Having graduated from the best business school in India, and enjoyed a top engineering education, I was headed for greatness.  

Ambitious and self-assured, I landed a lucrative role at Proctor and Gamble in Poland, and I was gunning for the CEO top job.  

Full of confidence,  I worked hard to prove myself.  

I didn’t know my blind spots back then, and I was too headstrong to accept help and advice from anyone, including my boss, who didn’t take kindly to me.  

Over the next 2 years, my 3 closest peers won all sorts of achievement awards, got promoted and advanced in their careers.  

While I was over-looked again and again.    No matter how hard I worked, or how many late nights and weekends I spent at the office.    

Sound familiar?  

My boss began to bully me.  She undermined me in meetings, belittled my efforts and made me feel stupid.  Over time, my confidence eroded, while the seed of resentment grew. But then one day, during a meeting in which my boss was publicly shaming my work I snapped. I’m not sure what happened, except to say I felt a surge of Lioness energy rise up in me!

I realised that I’d been a mouse up to that moment, and I woke up to the fact that I had a choice on how I wanted to show up and be treated.    From that moment forward, I worked on upgrading my sense of self worth and self belief.  

I became bolder and as I showed up with this renewed passion and re-ignited ambition, I started getting noticed.  

Amazingly my boss stopped criticizing me, in fact, she started to treat me with respect, and I could see that she knew I was no longer that little mouse, who could be pushed around.   I started winning achievement awards, my career took off as I was being recognised and rewarded finally!    

And the best part?  I felt unstoppable!    

I realised that I had complete control over my destiny, and the more I practised this freedom of choice, the more my professional, and my personal life started falling into place. 

Take my client, Vid for example…

When Vid started working with me in the Leaders Rise Accelerator Mastermind six months ago…

She was caught up in an environment in which she was undervalued and unappreciated, with a boss who not only actively discouraged her from applying for a promotion…he actually told her he was going to fire her…  

As she followed Leaders Rise Accelerator process, she found her confidence and her voice, and she interviewed for a Senior leadership position within her organisation…  

And was offered a position 2 levels higher!    

Today she is an Associate Director, and flourishing in all ways as she feels fulfilled and is living up to her potential every day.  

Getting around the right people is the biggest success hack in the world

The Leaders RISE Accelerator Mastermind is so effective because it teaches you exactly how to build the essential network that will open doors and escalate your career like nothing else can…

But with one key difference…

We work on YOU first.  It’s pointless just knowing how to communicate effectively, or deliver an outstanding pitch or negotiate your pay with your boss… If you feel inherently unworthy.

You see, you’re never NOT communicating. Words are only 7% of communication. 93% of communication is through body language and tonality. Stuff you can’t hide. Stuff that will give you away in a heartbeat.

When stressed, or nervous, your pupils dilate, your jaw tenses, you swallow hard, your skin tautens and flushes red (to name a few stress responses).

Your nervous system is responding as though you’re under attack. Who wants to be the recipient of this state? Certainly not your senior leaders who respond, at best, by ignoring you, at worse, by reflecting your fear and treating you disrespectfully.

This is why it’s critical to rebuild your internal self-confidence, self-worth and self-esteem.

So you not only know the value of your contribution to the company, but you recognise your inherent value as a human being. This emanates outwards and alters how you show up in the world, and is reflected back to you in how you’re treated.

Through a powerful blend of leading-edge mindset processes and practical application, you’ll easily be able upgrade your self-identity and self perception. This is the game-changer, and the reason those less qualified, younger and less credentialed than you sky-rocketed their careers.

As you experience the internal shifts, you’ll also be guided to bone-deep clarity in your purpose, values and strengths that support you to claim your brilliance and demonstrate this even more in your work.

From here, you’ll develop the skills to pitch, negotiate and network you way to the TOP, leaving the petty politics, the toxic culture of bullying, biting and back-stabbing far behind you.

Thereby giving you the recognition, respect and remuneration that will not only transform your professional life, but your personal life too! 

Amazing results for my clients through my leadership coaching

The 7 Step Leaders RISE Framework

1. Claim your North Star

Align your work and your life with your passion, purpose and potential so you have clarity of vision and direction. This enlightening step enables you to own your values and strengths, and start moving towards that 2.0 version of yourself.

2. Calm confidence alchemy

No matter what has gone on before, or who you think you are, there are no absolutes! We can change thanks to masterful techniques that leverage neuroplasticity. This step will help you ditch your doubts and slay your limiting beliefs, so that you feel confident, self assured and self-empowered!

3. Effective communication

Discover how to be an impactful and influential communicator, leading others to be inspired by your ideas and moving projects forward. Being an effective communicator at all levels of management is essential for getting you noticed by those that matter to your advancement.

4. Strategic stakeholder map

Where the rubber meets the road. You’ll love the insider strategies for successfully navigating your network so that you build your alliance of senior stakeholders and supporters who are the gateway to your career progression.

5. Time for gold

Step 5 teaches you how to master the art of work/life balance, managing your family priorities and ensuring that you can enjoy every aspect of your rich life without compromise. When you’re rested, you operate better as a Leader, as well as setting shining examples to everyone fortunate enough to be around you. 

6. Brand on point

The impact on our lives of a global pandemic, overseas conflict and impending recession is very real, so it’s essential to build credibility and reputation, and to future-proof our careers Step 6 supports you to craft your compelling personal brand and executive presence, so that your name is front and centre when it counts.  

7.  Career design lab

Step 7 guides you to create your clear 30, 60 and 90 day progression plans so you know exactly what to do to get your foot in the doors that will advance your career.

What you get when you enrol in the Leaders RISE Accelerator Mastermind

Private 1-2-1 Coaching Calls during which you will be expertly coached into greater self awareness, and confidence so you can claim your rightful place at the boardroom table
Live Group Masterminds designed to leverage the wealth of knowledge and experience of the group, to facilitate your growth and development, and apply the principles taught in the 7 steps framework 
 A vault with 24/7 access to:    

  • The Leaders RISE Accelerator 7-Step training programmeWork through the video trainings and accompanying workbooks at a time, and pace, to suit your schedule.
  • Positive Intelligence Bootcamp: Take the breakthrough Stanford backed personality assessment, designed to shine a light on how you’re sabotaging your potential and your performance.  This assessment can be taken periodically to track and measure your progress.
Personalised Expert Audits to help you craft your dream resume, career progression plan and LinkedIn profiles for optimum each   
Weekly accountability to keep you on track with your commitments and raise awareness to your blind spots   
A Supportive Community to share and celebrate your successes with like-minded leaders on similar paths, and accelerate your progress with the benefit of the “hive” mind.
Email support so you can get any personal questions answered in confidence.

This mastermind is strictly limited in intake due to the depth of support that is given.

Will you be our next success story?

We are looking for our next intake of leaders who are ready to excel in their career, and are committed to their own growth and development.

If this sounds like you, then there is a simple 3 step process to apply for a place in the Mastermind.  

We appreciate that everyone’s situation is unique and if you’re here, you’re likely dealing with some pressing challenges in your career that are blocking you from your potential right now.

Step 1: Complete an application form detailing your career challenges, and aspirations

Step 2:  Book your Leadership Consultation Hour call with Meera.  This is a diagnostic deep dive into your #1 challenge right now and Meera will help you get greater clarity on what is happening and how you can navigate to a solution.

Step 3: Invitation to the Mastermind.  Following the call, if we feel you’re a great fit for the mastermind, we’ll discuss the details with you and invite you to join us.  

We want to ensure that we’ll be able to help you get the most out of the Mastermind. 

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