Freedom of Time

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Winter of 2016. I looked past my desk & towards the window. The sun was setting against a crimson sky. A rare sight..who has time for that on a busy Monday!?

My eyes rested on a flock of pigeons flying merrily. Bloody pigeons! Freedom to fly anywhere at any time. And me… stuck to my excel sheets.

I was jealous of “pigeons”!?

Later that evening it dawned upon me, their freedom irked me. I was chained to my excel sheets, chained to my work, chained to the mundane. I needed to find my freedom.

Have you ever felt that?

For a while, I raved & ranted about it, my jealousy getting greener. One day, I realized that it was my own doing – I could choose a better way of living, even be part of the pigeons’ freedom.

I did one simple thing, one that transformed my life for the better. I rejigged my schedule to factor in white spaces to pause, walk into the balcony & breathe in the fresh air, or take a walk around the block. This not just gave me freedom, but got my creative juices flowing, my projects prospered, I prospered.

It’s a ritual I follow to this day. I befriended my pigeons, my freedom – have you?

P.S: I’m sharing one of the most practical #timemanagement tools in the video below. Let me know your thoughts and questions on it.

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