“I’m Not A Fake” Masterclass

3 Secrets To Busting Your Imposter Syndrome

  • Do you struggle to speak up and be heard in meetings?
  • Do you refrain from bringing your ideas to the table out of fear that you’ll not be well-received?
  • Do you get tongue-tied, or anxious when speaking to your seniors and feel this is harming your reputation?

Deep down, you know there’s a leader inside of you, if only you could speak assertively and with confidence.  Getting ahead in the corporate world doesn’t have to be as difficult as it feels right now.

Being tongue-tied and riddled with self-doubt needn’t be your default state. Gaining the respect and credibility you deserve in your organization starts with knowing how to command presence and make them say, “WOW”.

The “I’m not a fake” masterclass will help you begin that journey… finally.

In this free masterclass, you’ll…

Discover how to go from tongue-tied to speaking authoritatively.

Unleash your greatest confidence as you tap into your inner potential.

Become a leader people look up to as you make the same shifts that real-life exemplary leaders made to rid themselves of the doubt that once held them back.

Unleash the Golden Ticket Strategy that will skyrocket your confidence, rain acknowledgments from stakeholders down on you, and lead to a meteoric rise in your career.

Meera Remani

Meet Meera

Hi! I’m Meera Remani and I help people integrate deeper, unowned potential into their life so they can (almost) effortlessly rise to their next level, and be fuller, more authentic, and more powerful leaders.

I know your world, intimately. My 2 decades of leadership experience after my MBA from IIM Lucknow, in organizations like P& G and Amazon across cultures and countries, like Poland, India, the USA, and Germany helps me deeply understand the nuances of your world. In my capacity as a leadership coach, I’ve worked with hundreds of leaders like you who have gone from being tongue-tied to taking a lead in their organizations to finally thriving and taking the corner office where they truly belong.

Now… it’s your turn… to thrive.

This is a free, live masterclass that will help you own your voice and elevate your career skyward. 

Date: 28 July 2022

CET: 6-7 pm

IST: 9:30-10:30 pm

Recordings will go out to registered participants within 24 hours of the live session. There will be time for a short Q&A when the presentation is complete.


Giovanni Schiesari, Country Leader Switzerland at Amazon

During my coaching with Meera, we worked on numerous areas including communication, emotional regulation and my career trajectory. I enjoyed her inclusive leadership style and she provided powerful new perspectives and useful tools.

Giovanni Schiesari
Country Leader Switzerland at Amazon
Nick Fox, Senior Manager, Soundcloud

Meera has an extremely gentle and open approach and confronts every issue without judgement or prejudice. She displayed a great knack for flipping my preconceptions on their head and challenging me to think about problems in a different way, and her positive demeanour made me feel really confident a... Read More

Nick Fox
Senior Manager, Soundcloud
Khushboo Rawat, Marketing Manager, Unilever

Meera has been pivotal in crafting the transformation that I have had during the last one year. Her methods are unique and magical to say the least. I am stunned with the changes I have experienced: from finding it difficult to speak to leading conversations, from squeezing into the corners to occup... Read More

Khushboo Rawat
Marketing Manager, Unilever
Michaela Tada, Performance Lead Central Europe, Google

It’s been an absolute pleasure working with Meera. A completely new world has opened up for me! In contrast, before I approached Meera, throughout my career, I suffered from imposter syndrome – doubting my skills and talent, and thinking that I have succeeded due to luck. There was a lot of ... Read More

Michaela Tada
Performance Lead Central Europe, Google

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