When you go deeper, you reclaim buried potential

Extraordinary Leadership


I'm Meera Remani

I’m a leadership coach.
For a long time, I was doing great. I was well-educated. Working dream jobs.
However, deep down, I was unsatisfied.
A voice in my head said, “Meera, you can be more.” I told myself if I got the next promotion, I‘d be fine.
But the voice got stronger. And I kept ignoring it.
When my breakthrough came, it wasn’t in a meeting room. It was on the hospital bed, while recovering from an operation.

I’d been sleepwalking through my life.
This was a wake-up call.

I couldn’t ignore it anymore.
I knew the time had come to integrate my deeper, unowned potential into my life.
I hired a coach. It was hard work but I achieved something unprecedented.

I crafted a more authentic version of me: 
someone who creates exponential value AND is deeply fulfilled.

Today I help people integrate deeper, unowned potential into their life. And be fuller, authentic, powerful leaders. Empowering outcomes that help them inspire, impact and succeed in all areas of their lives. My work unearths transformational insights that lead to actionable strategies. With measurable results.

I am familiar with your world. I speak your language. I have worked in companies like Amazon and P&G in India, USA and Germany. I have coached leaders like you. And I’ve graduated from IIM-Lucknow, one of India’s top B-Schools.

I work with clients in Singapore, Dubai, India, Europe, and the USA. We work as a team and create real change.

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My Extraordinary Leadership Framework

I draw from my corporate experience, my coaching journey, and psychology and neuroscience to create a rich experience with nuanced results. There are 3 keys to being an Extraordinary Leader with impact, influence and success. This powerful framework forms the centre piece of my coaching and mentoring philosophies, providing transformational success for each of my clients.  

Leaders RISE Accelerator Model™

To be authentic doesn't just mean to be honest.  It means acting from a deeper part of you to create an extraordinary outcome.

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