“Experts Speak” with Tony Saldanha



Tony Saldanha is a globally recognized expert and thought-leader in Global Business Services (GBS) and Digital Technology. He ran Procter & Gamble’s famed multi-billion dollar GBS and IT operations in every region across the world during a 27 year career there. 

Tony has over three decades of international business expertise in the US, Europe, and Asia. He was named on Computerworld’s Premier 100 IT Professionals list in 2013. Tony’s experiences include GBS design and operations, CIO positions, acquisitions and divestitures, outsourcing, disruptive innovation, and creation of new business models.

Tony is currently President of Transformant, a consulting organization that advises over 20 Fortune 100 companies around the world in digital transformation and global business services. He is also a founder of two blockchain and AI companies, and an adviser to venture capital companies.

His book titled Why Digital Transformations Fail was released globally in July 2019 and ranked #1 on Amazon’s New Releases for Organizational Change, listed on publisher Berrett-Koehler’s best-sellers for July 2019, and recommended by various publishing forums like CEO-Reads, Book-Pal, CEO Library and others. Forbes contributor Michelle Greenwald called it the “best business book ever that you’re yet to read”.




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Event Details

  • June 18, 2020
  • 12pm EST/ 6pm CET/ 9:30pm IST
  • Replay available (sign-up required)

in this session, TOny will share personal stories and tools that address the following topics: 

  • Where companies in the nascent stages of digital transformations need to start at
  • What companies in the more matured stages of digital adoption need to leverage
  • Leadership: when you/your CEO isn’t tech-savvy
  • Lessons from implementation: digitalization amidst uncertainty, and on low budgets


How the event is structured:

  • The event will be held online
  • The conversation part is planned for 20-30 minutes, followed by a live Q&A session
  • Once you sign-up here, you’ll receive the login details via email
  • You can share any questions that you already have, by replying to that email
  • Incase you can’t join live, no problem, a replay will be available. You’ll need to sign-up still so that we can send you the replay details
  • This is a free event
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Hi, I am Meera Remani. I will be hosting this session with Tony. Let me tell you a bit about me. With 15 yrs of experience across geographies and industries in leadership roles, I coach leaders, managers and teams to be more effective in leading themselves and their people through times of crisis and chaos. Having honed my expertise working with such companies as Amazon and Procter & Gamble as senior manager (in Supply Chain and IT), mentor and coach, I help organizations, leaders, managers and teams with the exact skills and strategies required to succeed in the world’s most demanding scenarios and companies. For more information and to contact me, check out www.meeraremani.com or connect with me on Linkedin. 

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