When you go deeper you transform worlds, while being you. You are an ocean of potential.

Patrick Krul
Global Head of Marketing Technology at Danone, Netherlands

Meera has been an excellent coach & supported my personal growth in areas where I had to invest and learn. We’ve collaborated closely and really went into the details. 

Great thing about Meera is her broad as well as in depth expertise.

Madhuri Agrawal
Business & Supply Chain Excellence Leader at Apple, Singapore

I approached Meera with a forest of questions about leadership, purpose and direction. In a few sessions, she created the space for me to explore through this forest with my own light. Like many other people, I have multiple voices in my head, and sometimes it is difficult for me to know which one is truly mine. 

Meera kept bringing the right questions to our conversations, until I began to see my own thought pattern emerge with her gentle nudge. Instead of focusing on improving what we perceive as our faults, Meera’s perspective is oriented to celebrating and honing on the strengths.  

I cannot thank Meera enough. I highly recommend her as a coach if you want to discover your individual voice and purpose.

Khalid Aziz
MD at Signify, Netherlands

In 2021, Meera’s coaching helped me drive the biggest transformation in the history of the company. I was able to retain focus despite heavy distraction and delays, and deliver on expectations in a very complex environment, highly impacted by COVID and budget constraints, thanks to Meera’s coaching. 

Her coaching helped me drive the biggest transformation in the history of the company and create a positive vibe amongst stakeholders. People saw that I delivered on my promise and my team is extremely excited!  

I wholeheartedly recommend Meera and her holistic, practical, hands-on approach to coaching!

Her coaching helped me drive the biggest transformation in the history of the company and create a positive vibe amongst stakeholders.

Michaela Tada
Search Growth Lead Central Europe at Google, Germany

It’s been an absolute pleasure working with Meera. 

A completely new world has opened up for me! I am so much more aware of my emotions. For example, I now realise when my urge to be perfect at everything comes up, and that it’s my fear of self-judgement and judgement of others at play. I now have techniques to deal with them.  

Also I have reframed my fear of failing. I am now embracing failing as a learning experience. I am experimenting and feeling excited about tackling new opportunities and challenges at work. I am not afraid to fail!  

In contrast, before I approached Meera, throughout my career, I suffered from imposter syndrome – doubting my skills and talent, and thinking that I have succeeded due to luck. There was a lot of self doubt and insecurity. Essentially that meant that I was holding myself back from career opportunities because I believed I couldn’t do it. And I was waiting for the moment my colleagues or managers would find out that I got here due to luck.  

As a result of coaching, I am confident about myself and my leadership qualities. I am much more forward thinking and strategic in my day to day at work. I feel like I am walking up a staircase and observing things more clearly than before, and not feeling afraid to act based on what I observe.  

Others are observing the change in me too, they say that I come across as more confident in my abilities and more energetic.  

The whole coaching experience has been professional, but without losing sight of me as a person, challenging, eye opening. She is always very structured, goal and action oriented. Meera was always approachable when I needed support outside of my scheduled sessions. Coaching helped me move closer to my next career goal, build visibility and trust with my leadership. It has opened career opportunities for me. I don’t think I would be there without working with Meera.  

I feel so much gratitude. I would 100% recommend her, it was 100% worth my time and money!

Dorina Leititis
Regional Product Lead APAC at Google, Singapore

2021: I have learned a lot over the past weeks while taking part in the PQ training that Meera offers. The training is run in small groups and follows a learning path in an app that works with you on a daily basis. It covers what saboteurs are blocking you to live your life in the best possible way and how to build up inner strength like a muscle. Meera led the group very well, constantly gave recommendations on how to grow and made us all feel very safe in the group. Working on difficult topics needs a lot of sensibility and empathy and Meera showed both, she also constantly pushed us to continue working on ourselves and helped when we got stuck. Thank you, Meera, joining the program was just a start to improve my positive intelligence but thanks to the group and your lead I know how to continue!   

2019: Meera is a great coach, she is a good listener, asks the right questions and digs right into important topics below the surface. I am now halfway through my coaching sessions and can already feel change in my life: I have more clarity about my career, I have become more trusting in relationships and have learnt to use my different strengths in better ways. Thank you Meera, I am very excited to see how the second half of our sessions will impact my life!

Nick Fox
Senior Account Manager at Soundcloud, Germany

Meera is an exceptional coach. Throughout my leadership and people management training with her, we made huge improvements in conflict resolution, delegation, authenticity, and resilience. Meera has an extremely gentle and open approach and confronts every issue without judgement or prejudice. She displayed a great knack for flipping my preconceptions on their head and challenging me to think about problems in a different way, and her positive demeanour made me feel really confident and at ease. Thanks for an amazing course Meera, I am looking forward to working with you again in the future!

Sudhan Deo
Head Web Business & Group Marketing at Bajaj Finserve, India

Meera has been an excellent coach and has helped me navigate through tough situations. Meera is an excellent listener and she encourages you to resolve complex issues in a calculated step-by-step manner. She has helped me discover the voice of my inner sage which has helped me stay calm and practical.

I feel empowered and energised from both the tools and the change in my mindset that has been brought on through the program.

Rahul Mukim
Director at Carlyle Group, India

I have worked with Meera as a sounding board and coach to achieve my professional goals. I liked her ability to drill down to the core of issues given her experience of having worked with several professionals. She also has the innate ability to work her way through chaos and focus on actionable strategies to address the issues. I look forward to working with her a lot more in the future. 

Yafit Azran
Senior Leader at N-SIDE, Belgium

When I approached Meera, I wanted insights on how to better balance and prioritize the requirements at work and personal life. Meera supported me with that and more in just 3-4 sessions of us working together. This has enabled me the freedom and resilience to manage situations with the right mindset and tools, even in the highly complex and volatile situation that we all are in right now. I am very thankful to Meera and highly recommend her work.

Parul Samal
Program Manager at Amazon, India

I have had nothing short of a life-changing experience, going through the coaching program by Meera. She always spoke to me like a friend would, rather than a specialist, and would always draw meaningful experiences and insights from either her own lives or others’ who have gone through similar motions in their lives.   

It made our collective experience more personal since that helped me connect with her words and advice more deeply and be more inspired to take actions. Also, the course that she recommended as well as other workshops that she made me aware of have been extremely helpful.   

I feel empowered and energised from both the tools and the change in my mindset that has been brought on through the program. I’d strongly recommend her as a Coach to anyone who wants to re-discover their purpose in life and/or restart on their journey.

I have more clarity about my career, I have become more trusting in relationships and have learnt to use my different strengths in better ways.

Divya Janet Nath
Business Intelligence Engineer at DP World, UAE

Staying calm regardless of how demanding work gets and bringing that relaxed energy to my home is very important for me. Working with Meera, I clarified what’s really important for me and what I need to let go of, to be successful at work and enjoy the beautiful relationships in my life.  

This is indeed a transformative journey that happened over a short period of time. I’m happy to have had Meera’s guidance. Thank you Meera. I wholeheartedly recommend you as a coach to anyone who wants a positive transformation in their life!

Sarita Nambiar
Sr.OD Manager at Boehringer Ingelheim, Germany

I have worked with Meera with the intent to bring more clarity and perspective in personal and career domains. Meera has an amazing capacity to separate issues to get to the heart of the issue. She has a compassionate way of holding the space of accountability. This combination of compassion and ability the generate clarity has been valuable in generating possibilities for action and building focus. I recommend Meera as a powerful sounding board to navigate personal or professional challenges. 

Meera’s compassion and ability the generate clarity has been valuable in generating possibilities for action and building focus.

Amirudapriya Balakumar
Sales Enablement & Solutions Strategist at Accenture, India

When I approached Meera earlier this year, I was right in the center of a major career transformation – new business unit, new leadership, new team.  

Was looking for a coach as a friend who can empathize, energize and most importantly validate some of the key decisions I’ve made. In many ways Meera has helped me tap into my zone of ‘potential’ – taking new risks and executing it flawlessly. During the course of our journey, we’ve discussed various aspects across Belief Systems, Ikigai, Relationships, Team Leadership, Personal Development and Entrepreneurship.   

The one big takeaway for me was how I’ve become my own Validator – an internal source of self-sufficiency-of-a-kind that has strengthened my confidence and approach to life! I found this whole experience invigorating and insightful – every session dealing with a different problem statement that resulted in meaningful & logical solutions that I was able to implement. I saw a great chemistry in this journey which was predominantly due to Meera’s personality, warmth and intuitive coaching style. I would recommend Meera to people who need empathized coaching and guided-support to unleash the potent in us!

Kalaiarsi Periasamy
EdTech Entrepreneur, India

In my search for finding a fulfilling path in professional and personal life, coaching with Meera and especially the Ikiagi exercise that she took me through have been eye openers. I was able to narrow down my options very smartly, and drop some options which I was confused about. Apart from saving a ton of time, that helped me get clear on where to focus my energy. The Ikigai sessions with Meera gave me great clarity, because it factored in my deepest values. Moreover, Meera always asks the right questions, which makes me reflect on what’s relevant and what’s not – professionally and otherwise.

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