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Who we are

Meera and her team of Extraordinary and Diverse team of Experienced and Certified Coaches and Experts bring their deep knowledge of coaching and the corporate world to provide you with optimised, structured-for-you solutions (not commoditised) that create extraordinary transformation.

All of our Team Members are Certified Professional Coaches each with their own unique expertise, experience and context.

The depth and breadth of skills and talent across our team enables us to offer multiple service options to best meet all your needs – including your budget. Options range from One-on-one Coaching Engagements to group and team coaching, workshops and leadership development.

Our approaches are steeped in frameworks that lead to measurable ROI, results and people transformation for our client companies.

That is one of the reasons we have 100% client-company re-engagements.

Our Services

We have you covered whether:

  • You are a business unit head, HR or L&D leader, or a manager looking to strengthen your own or your team’s leadership skills and impact, 
  • Or you, or your leaders are spending too much time on not communicating effectively, or are fire-fighting and dealing with conflict constantly in the workplace, with eroding results, motivation and productivity (instead of optimising potential and maximising results), 
  • Or have invested significant money, time and effort into leadership and team development programs and still not seeing the return on investment you expected.

Leadership & Team Development, ROI Enhancement, Culture Transformation

Coaching     •     Mentoring     •     Training     •     Facilitation     •     Fireside Chats

Online | Face to Face | Blended

1:1 Coaching Engagements for Executives and Leaders

3-month, 6-month and 12-month engagement options to support your executives, leaders and top talent in performance turnaround situations by elevating awareness and co-creating action plans that they stay motivated to implement.

 Designed to address the critical mindset, behaviour, skill and performance gaps by addressing personal blind spots, interpersonal and intercultural dynamics. Closing gaps in terms of effective communication, stakeholder management, delegation, big picture visioning, etc.

These engagements can also be customized for leaders new to their roles. So that they have the right  30/60/90 day action plans to be successful in their onboarding and build critical momentum, accelerate value addition and avoid common missteps (and hence the high rate of failure in such situations).

Engagements include: Leaders RISE First 90 Day Framework, Leaders RISE 360® framework, manager alignment, feedback mechanisms at critical points to gauge progress, etc.

Team / Group Engagements

Group Coaching allows people from different areas to experience a rich journey together, while working on individual and collective goals. It helps them expand their awareness to the richness of perspectives, experiences and wisdom in the group and have the opportunity to harvest the insights of all the other participants.

Options include: multi-hour workshops on the same day, multi-day workshops on the same week or consecutive weeks, or 6+ week long group coaching.  

Indicative topics: Stakeholder Management, Effective Communication, Conflict Management, Multicultural Leadership, Networking, Stress Management, Developing Others, Delegation, Women in Leadership, etc.

As Certified Practitioners, my team of coaches & I offer different assessment solutions that provide clear and valuable insights on personal traits through personality type assessments, on motivation and strengths, leadership and leadership styles portfolio, team performance, as well as organizational assessments.

These engagements also include: Leaders RISE 360® framework, manager alignment, feedback mechanisms at critical points to gauge progress against stated goals/ROI, etc.

Workshops – Keynotes – Fireside Chats

Meera is popular with corporate audiences around the world. She regularly delivers workshops and speeches on varied topics including: Diversity and Inclusion, the various facets of Leadership Development mentioned above, Women in Leadership, Mental Fitness, Cross-cultural Leadership, etc.

Why you can expect extraordinary transformations

Our approach works at 3 different levels of specialisation and differentiation, to ensure that we engage the right strategy and the right expert using the right proven process to support you and your talent to experience extraordinary results.

Specialised Level

Focused Approach

To co-create the optimal solution that suits your specific needs.

As a partner for your success, we start the engagement way before the actual coaching or workshop happens. We will include strategic consultations to dive deep into your unique need, challenge and opportunity to design options that suit your timelines, budget and need.

Specialised Level
Tailored, customised engagements

That are optimised, not commoditised, so that your gaps are all addressed.

That is what has been ensuring us 100% success rates and client re-engagement. We deploy the right coaches, frameworks and engagement styles to suit your unique needs, factoring in feedback and ROI measures throughout the process.

Specialised Level

Exceptional Coaches 

Successful, experienced, certified coaches with diverse experiences that best suit your needs.

That is what has been ensuring us 100% success rates and client re-engagement. We deploy the right coaches, frameworks and engagement styles to suit your unique needs, factoring in feedback and ROI measures throughout the process.

ROI Centred Transformations

Help your leaders and teams

  • Support them understand and leverage their unique strengths 
  • Help them be coherent with the organisation’s values and vision 
  • Enable them to develop/repair/enhance relationships for peak performance 
  • Proactively own their skill-building as leaders 
  • Inspire them to be agents of positive culture change and of busting bias so that they become authentic, raving ambassadors of your organization as an employer of choice

Customised coaching and training that leverage experiential learning

  • Addressing root causes rather than surface issues 
  • In-depth 360° surveys and interviews that shed light on the real causes 
  • A well-defined action plan, with milestones and specific outcomes 
  • Measurements at the beginning, middle, and end of the programs to ensure efficacy 
  • Continuous feedback and improvement cycles

Meet Meera

Meera Remani is the founder of RISE Leadership Coaching and Meera Remani Coaching. She is an ICF-PCC certified Executive & Leadership Coach.

She founded RISE after working extensively in India, the USA, and Europe in leadership positions in companies such as Amazon and P&G.

RISE Leadership Coaching is an organization specifically dedicated to leadership development for organisations. We are based in Germany, serving leaders, managers, and teams in multinational organizations globally.

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